My Back & Core Strength Workouts

Core & Lower Back Workout - Bodyweight only, no equipment required

This is my current equipment-free core and lower back workout.
(click on images to be taken to the website to see the full video clips)

1) Plank - hold for 60 to 90 seconds

2) Straight-legged hip raises X 20

(You can add ankle weights if you really want to make this more difficult ;-) )

3) Back Extension X 20

(I do this with my arms bent and fingers by my ears, ensure you keep your neck and head in line with your body)

4) Bent arm side bridge X 10 each side

(you can add a leg lift at the top or straighten the lower arm to make this more challenging if you like)

5) Alternating Lower Body Bicycle X 10 extensions each leg

(I do a variation of this where you curl your torso up and keep it stationary while you slowly alternate cycling your legs forward and then back to the centre)

6) Dorsal/Superman Raise X 10 raises each side

(As with the back extension, be sure not to arch your neck back while performing these, eyes should look down or straight ahead to reduce neck strain)

7) Double Crunch X 20

(If, like me, you enjoy making things more difficult for yourself, instead of returning your feet to the ground, extend your legs and push your feet straight forward so they're at a 45 degree angle to the floor - in effect writing an L shape with your legs :-) )

Finish set, rest for a few seconds and then, if possible, repeat another two times.

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  1. I really like this set of no eqiupment exercises you have here. I have this goal of keepiing my array of home exercise equimpment down to a minimum, keeping only the most useful and versatile tools. So far its just a rebounder, an exercise ball and a set of dumbells. Other than that I try to do a variety of non equipment exercises like the ones you have here. Great stuff and very effective.