Thursday 10 December 2009

Would you like to see some pictures?

Silly question really... of course you would!

Well I don't have time to write much as I've got to finish off an assignment before tomorrow night but will share these with you.

These are the group pics that the nice people at Maximuscle have sent me from the Body of 2009 photoshoot.

After seeing these pics it will become obvious to you why I felt like a bit of a lardy giant!

In case you were wondering, the girl on the opposite side to me is the one who actually won the 'Inspire' category (next year she says, next year...!).

You'll be able to read all about her and the others once the new website is up and running... but more about that at another date ;-)

So, first here we are in our sports outfits:
(yes, I know I shouldn't have worn those tatty old Tchibo pants and should have worn shorts to show off my quads! Also can't believe how pale I look despite having a 'dark' coloured spray tan!!)

Next we had to wear white shirts and black trousers:
(yes, high waisted trousers are always a no-no if you have a large behind but they were the only ones I could get in a 10 at short notice - I don't wear trousers at work, only jeans!

And finally here we are looking rather more glamorous :-)
(I love that dress, bright colours are a must... who wants to be a wallflower! Hilarious that I was still gigantic despite wearing the lowest height heels!)

Anyway, that's your lot, I'm off now to write about Pain and Water-Borne Infections... jealous?! ;-)

Hope you're all keeping well

Lots of love



  1. Did you really say you looked like a "lardy giant?!!?"

    Are you kidding me?

  2. CB - thanks :-) xx

    Dayne - I know, that may have sounded silly... but I'd spent the whole year comparing myself to my previous larger self... then when I was stood against women who were not only smaller width-wise, but also smaller in height (all of them!) it just made me feel like a super large giant!!

    I'm not usually self-conscious of my height, and I'm trying to be less so about my weight, but I guess I had no escape at the photoshoot and I felt quite uncomfortable at times

    plus I'm crap in front of a camera and at posing - as you can see... definitely NOT a natural, haha!

  3. Tara, you didn't look lardy in the slightest and even if I didn't know you, I'd choose you out of all 4. I'm pretty shocked at the one they chose for the inspire category - I'm not meaning to be bitchy but she's just so generic and her physique doesn't look like it's taken a lot of work to get there.

    I think maximuscle must have been mental to not choose you - you look amazing!

  4. Thanks Jo! :-) xx

    I was told that as it was the 'Inspire' category I was entering it was all about the story - which is designed to inspire people - so I'm guessing her story was just more inspirational than mine!! :-)