Wednesday 18 August 2010

Well, hello...!

BOO!! :-D

Does anyone still actually *read* this blog?! ;-)

Well I certainly hope so as yes I am still alive as my twitter and facebook friends can attest to; but boy have I been gone a while!

I've missed my blog so much I've felt somewhat bereft!

I'd love to say that I haven't been able to blog because I've been having the time of my life but that wouldn't be entirely true... it's also been a very busy and stressful (not to mention trying!) time these past few months!

One of the biggest barriers to blogging has been time... not the lack of it but the elapse and subsequent build-up of so much that has happened resulting in so much to say - and as we all know that short blog entries evade me for the most - I've just not known where to start!

So I'm afraid that what you're going to read will be a condensed version of whatever I can remember of the past few months - there has been moving house, decorating said house, holidaying, expos, photoshoots, contests (where the pic above is from), festivals and courses, plus a shed load of work on in my office in that time so forgive me if it all is rather vague and cloudy!

Actually most of the above is all in singular format but hopefully it'll all make for great reading ;-)

And actually, come to think of it, dear reader, you're rather lucky in that what you'll get is the highlights and none of the usual guff that I spout on this blog, ha!

So I will leave you now but I will definitely return with some highlights - complete with pictures of course - of how the last few months have panned out.

Hope you'll join me for the recap!



  1. Sorry, Tara, but I don't read your blog anymore. Waitaminute... I'm thinking of that other "Tara"... I still read yours'. See? I'm reading it right now (actually, I'm done reading and now I'm commenting... even better!)

  2. You have absolutely no idea how frickin' happy I am to see you back to blogging. I have missed reading your blog so much!

    Can't wait to read the next installment!

  3. Hope you are fine!

  4. Hellooo!

    How rubbish was I in following up that post?!

    Thanks for all your comments, glad to have made another post since that took less than six months to produce ;-)

    Will hopefully be blogging a bit more often from now on :-) xx

  5. I read whenever I pop into my blog :) great stuff!! I'm inspired!!