Tuesday 23 November 2010

Product Review - Multipower D-Fine Protein shake

Good evening!

Well, it's been a while since I did one of these but then equally it's been a while since I had any new exciting products to delight in!

Not that Multipower's products are new to the market - just to me... and how is it I'd not heard of them before considering they're Europe's No.1 Sportsfood company?!

By way of a quick bit of background, from what I can gather Multipower are a very long-established European company who are really stepping up their game here in the UK and starting to make more of a name for themselves amongst serious athletes and every day sportspeople too.

They are a multi-sports food company which is perfect for me (bodybuilding, boxercise, rowing and running being just a few of my passions) and my other half who is a cyclist and likes to compete in daft gruelling endurance events!

Amongst many others, Multipower sponsor the very talented young British triathlete, and Olympic hopeful, Will Clarke.

They also sponsor a premiership football club, ten times World Champion Kickboxer Michael Page, England rugby star Mark Cueto and also in fact a whole rugby team to boot as they are Official Sports Nutrition Supplier to France's RC Toulon where none other than the great Jonny Wilkinson plays, ahhh Jonny :-)

Actually, on the Toulon tip, if you see the latest copy of Men's Fitness magazine (January 2011), there's a really good article about the club featuring Jonny... can I squeeze another "ahhh Jonny..." in there again?

Ooops, think I just did ;-)

Anyway, onto the product review!

Over the past few months I've been ordering samples off various sites and trying to find something that tastes as good as it sounds. I have high standards, my needs are quite specific and I know what I'm after - around 100 Calories, 20-25g protein per serving (I don't need any more than that in a single hit right now!) and a low carbohydrate content as I like to get my carbs from my vegetables and grains!

Most importantly though is that it can't taste like crap. End of story. I've tasted some shakes that are either straight-up rank, or that start off promising but fade out to a synthetic after-taste, or that you'd need to use half the recommended water intake just to get a bit of taste!

Fortunately, Multipower's D-Fine (109Cals/25g protein/2g carbs per 30g serving) has cracked it on the taste front.... well, the flavour I tried has anyway, I can't speak for the others but if they're anything near as yummy as the chocolate-banana flavour then we're onto a winner here!

This shake's flavour manages to achieve the seemingly - and before now previously unattainable - quality of actually *tasting* like its flavour. I kid you not, D-Fine in chocolate banana actually tastes like you're biting into a banana (that has been rather naughtily dipped in chocolate milk! ;-) )

Multipower recommend you mix 250mls with 30g powder... which, it says on the instructions (once I've finally located the English ones!) is equivalent to 3 level tablespoonfuls... err, what? 'Tablespoonfuls'?! Where's the flippin scoop?!

Not happy (told you I had high standards!), luckily I have a few left over from other protein shake tubs... seriously though, as annoying as it is to play "hunt for the scoop" (which has settled during transit to the very depths of the tub and the search for which results in your managing to come away with half of the contents under your fingernails once you finally emerge triumphant - scoop in powder-covered hand!), I still actually relish the challenge and it does make measuring out the powder a whole lot easier.

PLEASE, Multipower - include a scoop!

So that's issue #1... issue #2 is more of a warning to those of us who, in order to get the powder and water to blend, are used to having to simulate some sort of washing machine action in our shakers by vigorously shaking it with both speed and power.

Don't do that.

The powder actually blends really quickly and you'll just end up with this:

If are also used to less-easily-blend-able shakes and accidentally develop a sudden case of 'washing machine arm' or 'spin cycle wrist', then fear not dear reader, as decanting the lovely elixir into an attractive plastic cup like so:

... will soon sort this problem out ;-)

Anyway, here is the full macro breakdown for anyone interested:

Nutrition Information per 30g serving (mixed with water)
Energy 461kJ/109kcal
Protein 25g
Carbs 2g
of which sugars 0.8g
Fat 0.3g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.1g
Fibre <0.1g
Sodium 0.07g

And that concludes this review (mainly because it is now stupid-o'clock and I need some shut-eye!).

Conversely I've tried out a couple of other Multipower (http://www.multipoweruk.com/) products which I'll be sure to tell you all about soon - once I've caught up on some sleep!

Hope you're all keeping well, stay strong and we'll catch up soon!



  1. Great review Tara! Have to admit, I've not heard of them before. Decent nutritional breakdown, how are they on price? Would you buy it again?

  2. Thanks JAG! :-)

    Multipower products definitely seem to be at the top end of the price bracket if you buy on their site. You can get D-Fine from places like monster supplements for £19.50 and even £18.95 at Taurus H&F which makes it just over 80p a serving... which isn't too bad I guess?

    would really like to try out the other flavours so yes, will definitely be getting some more!

    Tara x

  3. Hi Tara,

    Very interesting post, I currently take Multipower and have seen some great results...thanks for sharing those sites as an fyi - i've been doing a bit of research and came across a site/brand via twitter that claims to be offering supplement comparison - may be worth checking it out as they promise to be really cheap...I think they are going to launch some time this week?