Wednesday 3 February 2010

'A List' Hollywood Party

I'm still waiting on some pics from the Maxitone Launch Party last week so won't update you on that until I've seen them (got one yesterday though of me performing some balancing act with a PT!! :-D )

I will however share a rather good evening that took place the very next day...

While our current leisure benefits co-ordinator was away on a secondment somewhere, she was replaced by a rather fabulous guy called Adam (who also rather fabulously has the same surname as me - top guy!) who secured some superb local deals, discounts and offers.

He's had to go back to his usual day job as the original lady has come back *sob* but his final act, his swansong, was to organise an 'A List' Hollywood themed party for all of us based at head office.

What a legend.

The whole night cost me a fiver, Joe was £20 as he's not a partner, still amazing value!

The venue for the event was Tiger Tiger on Haymarket in Soho. I'd never been to the place before and didn't know what a huge venue it was - really nice too with a big club area 3 floors high at the back!

Here we are at the start of the night following our 'red carpet entrance', I love it when Joe dresses up. The dress code was black-tie which was not something that everyone (i.e. the men) adhered too unfortunately! Obviously all the women made a fantastic effort though which is pretty usual!

Here's my outfit. I was going to wear a spangly dress of some description but as I spent the whole of the Maxitone launch party the night before in sporty clothing I thought I'd wear the outfit I'd picked out for that instead!

I love the skirt, I bought it the weekend before in a sale and it cost me a meagre £10 from a fabulous boutique-style shop near me in Herne Hill called Dust.

In fact you can still buy the skirt online for only £15! (I bought my son one of their "Brockwell Park is Sick" T-shirts too, that went down well :-) )

Here's my top, I bought it ages ago from (as seen on screen), I love that site, have used it for years since the company first started, though I have to actively restrain myself from visiting it as they have such bargains and lovely clothes too, great designers and their own brand stuff is super too!

This top is a 'halter-neck' style but unlike normal tops/dresses where you tie the loops round your neck, this one has two 2m long straps that you can wind round your body! It's probably too dark to see but I had wrapped them round me a few times (probably didn't do much for my waistline but I don't care as I love that top!)

So, onto the fab extras that Adam had organised.

Look at this beauty. It was pure white Belgium chocolate. The man who ran it was lovely and had a constant smile on his face, which wasn't really surprising, what a job to have eh?

Apparently the best combination was grape and fudge :-)

Obviously Joe was unable to resist, I however showed the upmost restraint, honest....

okay.... busted!!!

They also had a milk chocolate fountain (always wondered why it isn't just called 'brown chocolate' if the other's referred to as 'white chocolate' ;-) ) but it wasn't nearly as nice as the white... obviously we tested this fact thoroughly!! ;-)

There was also a dude with a candyfloss machine.... OMG I was in sugary heaven!!!

Not sure what Joe's doing here, it looks either like he's about to audition for a Father Christmas role or is exhaling a cloud of white smoke!!

As well as the glorious chocolate fountains, the free candy floss and ice-cream, the complimentary picture in a frame (which currently holds pride of place on our fireplace :-) ) casino tables and champagne fountain...

...there was also a bloody brilliant band!

Some of you may remember that I played Charlotte Lucas in a fabulous outdoor production of Pride & Prejudice last year?

To refresh your memory, here I am with "Lizzie" (Emily) and "Mr Darcy" (Phil)

Well, Emily, aside from being a fantastic actress is also an amazing singer and was at the party looking very rock-chick glam wearing a fab one-shoulder version of the lovely green dress from my December pictures post? which she teamed up with some awesome shoes and superb fingerless gloves.

Here she is belting out some absolute tunes with her band Moko!! She does a mean 'Mr Brightside', she's got such a fantastic voice!

Here we are afterwards, doesn't she look gorgeous!

Phil was there too and still able (and willing!) to recreate his 'Darcy' face immediately on demand!

Some more of my favourite colleagues were there. This is my friend Claire who is the ultimate girly-girl i.e. hair and makeup always in place, skirts, heels, the lot (e.g. opposite of me!) in fact I have *never* seen her wear trousers and as far as I know she only once wore a pair of jeans for 'novelty value'!

Despite all this she has a mad adventurous sporty streak (the first day I met her she insisted on climbing a tree) and is the most game bird going! We're actually both going to do the Three Peaks Challenge later this year (but more about that in another post!!)

And here is Chloe from my very own department, she always looks glamorous and brings a touch of class to our office which is pretty hard to do given the nature of our business! :-)

Obviously my boyfriend also looked gorgeous and deserved a kiss for looking so damn fine

After the band finished the usual cheesy pop and R&B tunes were played but they were actually alright and had lots of fun dancing around as you can see:

I'm not going to post *all* of the ridiculous drunken pics I took but, to give you an idea, here are a few to give you an idea...!

Joe and I were meant to be doing 'The Robot' but I've been told that I look like I'm rocking a baby so I don't think I quite achieved the look somehow!!

When one bottle just isn't enough...

Heh, Emily and I were a little more tipsy and less composed by this point...!

*More* drunken dancing!

It all goes pretty much downhill from there ;-)

A great night though and a credit to Adam, superbly planned and executed, what a star!



  1. Way to rock the robot baby!

    You look mah-valous...

  2. Waow the white chocolate fountain is amazing! My favourite chocolate. And you look fab and love your dress too...


  3. Tara,

    Will Freeman First want to say that you look fab at the do! Secondly as you may know I have been booted off of WLR so if you want to catch up with me a few of us have started Lean For Life on facebook it is for those of us who thing protein is not a poison and that there i smore to the world than cardio!

    Be pleased to see you drop by!

  4. Hi tara, ur party snaps is really nice & beautiful, also ur boyfriend was looking handsome & gorgeous. I just wanna suggest that u should go for blog advertising & marketing there is a website which is offering very unique features at affordable prices there are expert advertising team who will promote ur blog & affiliate ads through all over the networks.. Finally I have bookmarked ur blog & also shared with my friends hope u have a wonderful day & !!happy blogging!!.

  5. aww ta Jack but you know I was more rockin the baby than the robot*

    Thanks Caroline, yes white chocolate is my fave too... which is tough as I know it's the 'worst' type, ha!

    FtoL - that's why I post these pics, for my own selfish reasons I guess, I love having them to look back and smile at, photos rock, memories captured forever, sweet :-)


    * no babies or robots were harmed in the making of this 'move'

  6. Will - I didn't know you'd been booted off WLR!! What for?!

    will have a butchers at your FB page but I'm a bit rubbish at logging onto that - as well as WLR - hence why I didn't realise you'd left - sorry!

    agreed that protein is *defo* not poison but as for cardio - well, sorry but, as my friend Wolé says - cardio is king!

    It's healthy to have a balance, include a mixture of the two, I'll never exclusively do one over the other, especially given the high incidence rate in my family of osteoporosis

    Plus, I *love* running, and walking, and rowing, and climbing, and playing netball, and cycling... ahhh

    Such a sports junkie!! :-D


  7. Thanks for your comments Eric, but I reckon that if I'd wanted to put advertisements on my site I'd have done it by now - appreciate the link though :-)