Tuesday 23 February 2010

Product Review: Maxitone Definity Crisp

Promax Crisp bars are the bomb, seriously, they are like a lifeline for me, a saving grace, the perfect panacea for any mid/late afternoon slump/sweet craving and they help me avoid the multitude of sweet and/or fat-laden treats that adorn every available surface area in my office!!

Nom nom nom...

Guess what I've just found out?!

I'm gonna have a bit of a rant here so sorry but bear with me as this is pretty horrific...

You know Cocoa Pops, or chocolate rice, or whatever other incarnation of these evil chocolate puffs of stripped-down rice you might have tried (I say 'tried' in the hope that this nutritionally devoid cereal doesn't feature in your kitchen cupboard), well did you know that their cereal bar equivalent, Coco Pops Cereal & Milk Bars contains 42g of sugar per 100g!!

Of course, This is hardly surprising when you consider that the word 'sugar' features FIVE times in the ingredients listing, and I've not even counted the glucose syrup - and the sorbitol... (why put a sugar substitute in if you've got so much already?!)

It really made me feel ill to read the 'enticing description' for the Coco Pops bars:

Kellogg’s have packed your kids’ favourite cereal into a soft and chewy cereal bar with a delicious milky layer on the bottom, making it a real anytime treat. Fortified with vitamins, iron and calcium, now you can give your kids a great tasting snack that you can be sure won’t come back from school in the lunchbox!

Who the hell would send their child to school with one of those in their lunch box after checking out the back of the packet for the nutritional info - each bar contains 2g of fat, which doesn't sound huge or bad at all until you read on and see that all of that is saturated fat!

I can't believe Kellogg's market it as a healthy anytime treat to send your child to school with, fume!

Anyway, rant over... but just as a contrasting comparison, Promax Crisp Bars have 20g less sugar per 100g, almost half the salt, less than half of the fat comes from saturates and there's 6 times more fibre!

And now.... cue fanfare... we have another addition to the yummy snack-tastic high protein, low calorie offerings from the Maximuscle/Maxitone company in the form of Definity Crisp Bars!!

I must admit to being a little worried in case these tasted like Special K bars... which are okay at first but soon get sickly as hell!

Thankfully they're not, in fact they're really tangy and very tasty indeed! They definitely beat Special K hands down on taste alone.

With 4g less sugar and over a third less salt they are definitely a healthier choice for those who watch what they put in their bodies.

However, that isn't all Definity Crisp bars have to their benefit, they also contain the teeniest amount of Calories (only 83 - plus only 1.6g of saturated fat!!) and are also deceptively filling to boot! This is probably due to the fact that they are enriched with whey protein and so have over 6g of protein per bar the perfect afternoon/mid-morning snack, take it from me!

So, just think, if you're surrounded by kids eating sweet treats, or colleagues tucking into Calorie and saturated-fat-laden chocs, cakes and pastries, you can feel smug in the knowledge that are you helping to abate, and hopefully eliminate, any sweet cravings with a guilt-free bar of fruity yoghurt smothered yumminess.




  1. Thanks for the update on the yum-yum!

    I think you'd be interested in my latest post... as you can directly relate to it. Come over and tell me whatcha think.


  2. I had to read the bit about the 42g twice! Unbelievable!

  3. I haven't tried the definity crisp bar as I don't really like cranberries. But after your positive feedback I will have to try them now! :) But I love the choccies sculptress bars. Always nice to try new things.

    Caroline xxx

  4. Dayne - thanks, it's a great post of yours, have commented as it definitely resonates with me!!

    FToL - it's appalling isn't it, especially given that it's marketed as a healthy snack and parents are actively encouraged to put them in their kid's packed lunch boxes... the thing is that most people simply can't interpret food labels into anything meaningful so they just go with what they're being told/sold!

    Caroline - I love cranberries, though would prefer raspberry flavour.. that being said, it's probably that which prevents it from being sickly perhaps? they've got a really great tang to them.

    Glad you like the sculptress bars, I've just wolfed one down (well, promax diet bar - still have a load as I tend to buy in bulk!) and feel nicely satiated :-)


  5. looking forward to trying definity crisp bars, already a huge fan of promax crisp.
    Have you ever used Recovermax? It's on the mens side of maximuscle but I was thinking of trying it - have contacted maximuscle twice by email for advice & they never even replied!

  6. I've tried the promax crisp bar and it was OK but way too expensive for me to consider adding to my diet in any permanent way.

  7. Hey Fudgey - haven't tried recovermax yet, not really done enough in the way of cardio to recover from, lol!! I may start using it if I get into triathlon training later this year...

    that's really rubbish that you haven't heard back from MM, grr!

    deise - I only buy the crisp bars when they're on buy-one-get-one-free!!


  8. Thanks Tara. I think I might give the recovermax a try, I'll let you know what it's like.