Tuesday 6 April 2010

FAME Update - 8 weeks out!

Eeek!! I'm less than 8 weeks out!! :-S

Weightloss has been rubbish! Remember I lost 6lbs in one week... well I put on 2lbs the week after, but then have lost it again so down to 148lbs but still waaaaay too much, blergh...

still, not all doom and gloom, have lost quite a bit in inches off my body and my upper half is definitely a lot leaner.

So, now it's make or break time for me really, if I can't pull it together and work the hardest I ever have then I might as well forget this whole damn thing.

So... have taken steps to address this and will go into more in another post but for now... Well, I was taking a look at the pictures from last year's FAME 2009 Competition held in Brighton and thought I'd share some pics of the amazing bodies on display... so, without further ado, here's an idea of what I'm up against on May 29th! *shriek*!!

Firstly, here's Eleni Plakitsi who graced the cover of ultra-FIT magazine a few issues back (Jan 2010), as did her trainer, Audrey Kaipio, the next month... though I know she's done another cover before, she really does look amazing (see her own 'turn' modelling on the beach before the contest here!) and it's not hard to see how she inspires clients to get results...

In fact, fellow fans of Muscle & Fitness magazine can see Eleni looking fabulous in the April copy from page 184 onwards!

Eleni won the Fitness Model Category in FAME last year and was a runner up in the Bikini division too - not bad eh?!

Not surprising when she looks like this!

And here's a collection from her 'themed' round, great outfit, great quads! :-)

Next I'll show you Mechell Grey who basically did the opposite of Eleni and won the Bikini contest and was runner up in the Fitness Model category:

Doesn't she look awesome too?!

Last, but by no means least, we have the stunning Claire Harper (who also has her own fab site: http://www.claireharper.co.uk/ with competition advice and fabulous pics on it) who was another runner up in the Fitness Model category but WON the Miss Figure round - and rightfully so!

But that's not all Claire's achieved, look at all these results too!

Here are all three Fitness Model finalists:


Now *that* is serious competition and I know that this year it's going to be even more fierce - the fabulous and inspirational Angie Weston who runs and manages the whole UK FAME competition was overwhelmed by how popular it was last year... the fact that it's in London, over the whole weekend, only goes to show that it must have grown enormously in popularity!

So I also know I don't have a hope in hell of even getting close to placing!

But that's not why I'm entering... it's all about confidence... I love the Body Proud philosophy and if I feel happy enough with my body to stand on stage with a bunch of buff ladies in a bikini, bucketloads of fake tan and transparent scarily-high 'stripper heels', then as far as I'm concerned I've absolutely won and nobody can take that away from me... at the moment the thought of it scares the hell out of me but I think a little of what you're scared of makes you stronger in the long run :-)

I've got to go now and get some sleep, up early for AM cardio, training in earnest has begun...

Watch this space!!



  1. Good luck! I love reading your blog, really inspires me. Hope you enjoy FAME and will keep my fingers crossed for you, but as you say you would have already won just by putting yourself out there x

  2. Good luck Tara! Hope you enjoy the whole experience :)


  3. Good luck! I'm sure it will be a fantastic experience and you'll be great - you're looking amazing already!

  4. Good luck! Those girls look amazing! I reckon that you can do it too :-) x

  5. Love your blog Tara :) Will keep on popping by to see your progress - very motivating!!