Wednesday 16 November 2011

The year so far in pictures - February 2011

Hello again!

Well, as I've got this entry all finished I might as well post it with January's very brief update ;-)

Here's what I got up to in February (from what I can piece together!). Another quiet month but I was still recovering from ankle surgery so not entirely surprising :-)

Friday 4th - Bright Club
If you've not been to a Bright Club at the Bloomsbury Theatre I cannot recommend it highly enough. Think stand up comedy meets science lecture with some random music and singing thrown in and you're almost close :-)

Last February's theme was Life. Had a spectacular night, so entertaining and such amazing value for money!

Monday 14th - Valentine's Day

I did rather well this Valentine's day! Not only did I get these glorious flowers:

I also got a new Kindle!

We can get a bit humbuggy about going out on Valentine's day, mainly due to the silly prices restaurants charge for a meal that would cost a lot less any other day!

However, this year we decided to give the local trade a shot and visit a bar we'd not been to despite living in the area for almost a year! We chose Green & Blue on Lordship Lane and we weren't disappointed. The place has a lovely look and feel, very rustic :-) You can purchase wine by the bottle to drink or take away and they have a fabulous deli section too.

We started our meal with a lovely soup.

and then moved onto a shared platter which was just gorgeous :-)

The wine wasn't bad either ;-)

Friday 25th - NME Gig - Foo Fighters

You'd hope that for your first ever gig it'd be something memorable right? Well my son's first gig was the oustanding Foo Fighters playing at Wembley Arena so I think that probably ticks that box!

All three of us went :-)

...and we rocked out in the standing section despite my being still on crutches!

Here are some gratuitous Dave Grohl pics for no particular reason :-)

Also, during the month, we went to a leaving party at a friend's house on the 19th and I met up with a friend for dinner at The Thai restaurant in Parson's Green which is a lovely little place, if a tad out of the way for me! Would definitely recommend it though and I'm baffled as to why I don't have any food pics, how strange!

And that's the end of that short month!


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