Wednesday 16 November 2011

The year so far in pictures - January 2011

Hello wonderful blog readers!

I know I've been promising I'll catch up on past events and I really feel I need to 'get it out there' before I can start updating my blog on a regular basis so I'm going to make a real effort to catch up on 2011!

But firstly I'm going to have to let 2010 go... I have loads of half finished blogs and pictures from last year (and a couple from the year before!) but to be honest it's taken SO long just to sort out the pics from this year that I've decided it's not worth the stress! :-/

So, I'm going to post 9 more updates after this... or maybe 10 if I include the start of November...

Please note that:

a) I cannot remember all of what I've done in the year so it'll be a bit patchy, not much in the way of details etc... I also lost quite a few pictures from the start of the year due to our very old IBM laptop throwing a hissy fit and keeling over!

b) There'll probably be not much text with the photos, mainly due to the fact that it was so long ago and I can't remember details that well!

c) I take a lot of pictures of food and I will probably share them on the forthcoming blog entries... this may make no sense, but everyone who knows me knows I'm a bit of a foodie and have a thing for photographing meals so what's the point of having a blog if you can't share these pictures with the rest of the world?! ;-) Please also note that I only stopped eating gluten-grains, dairy, sugar, legumes etc quite recently (and if I'm fine dining I may loosen my restrictions somewhat).

d) there won't be much in the way of fitness related stuff as I only record in my calender events, not training sessions! I'll be dealing with my diet and the wonderful effects its had on my health in later posts.

Okay, so here goes!

Actually, I've pretty much done all of January as I did a few post-ankle op blog updates so you can check those out if you like :-)

I did go to dinner however towards the end of the month, which I didn't mention before...

Thursday 27th - Dinner at The Brickhouse

If you've not visited The Brickhouse before, you really should change that, here's why:

The Brickhouse is the only venue in Brick Lane offering live dinner cabaret every night. As the premier entertainment venue in East London, we showcase some of the most eclectic performances including circus, neo-burlesque, aerial, comedy and live music.

The food is excellent...

and the entertainment great too! We had burlesque

and some ridiculously bendy man forcing himself through tennis rackets and hammering nails into his nose!

All in all a really fun night, it had everything!

And that's the end of January 2011


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