Tuesday 17 March 2009


I feel sick!

I've spent the morning debugging a calculation and haven't yet been able to leave my desk (sad, I know!) so decided instead of going to make up a maximuscle promax diet milkshake (quite fancied banana), I'd try out the Atkins Advantage bar I bought yesterday out of curiousity from Boots

It's 'Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch' flavour... it's revolting.

It's taken me like 2 hours to eat as it's so sweet and sickly... I'm also unimpressed by the high fat (10g!) and carb (18g) content!

I should have read this article by The Times about this very product!

Anyway, enough whinging, have learnt my lesson! Atkins is clearly aimed at those with an exceptionally sweet tooth! I am paying for my folly with a lump of sweet globular gunk firmly sat in my stomach refusing to budge, seriously!

I guess you could say that it does work to a certain extent though, I feel too sickened to put anything else in my stomach right now!


okay, so I haven't posted for a while, I know, have been a bit lax. I haven't lost any weight (boo hoo :-( ) but my stomach is flatter than it's been in flippin ages! I think I overdid it last time I trained in the gym so my right shoulder is burning and I'm not willing to risk hurting it more by lifting weights!

I am still cycling, however, and don't have play rehearsals tomorrow (hurrah!) so will be joining my running club in Hyde Park for a lovely 4.3mile jog tomorrow evening... followed by lager in the pub... will be earnt though!


  1. The Atkins Bars take getting used to. I like the coconut version and some of the chocolate fudge crunch types.

    The breakfast bars by Atkins are the best ones. Almost all the peanut butter flavors taste mung-like too.

  2. Hi,

    just been reding through your blog and it's great.

    Just one point- Big Wole....in your posting in Feb you said he'd left the London Fire Brigade and gone back to personal training.

    You're right that he's recently gone back to or taken up personal training but the big fella is still filling my day with work at Battersea Fire Station.

    I'm sorry I didn't see the post before because he was boxing in Clapham Junction recently and I could have got you tickets.

    Keep bloggin'


  3. Moby - I don't think I could get used to that amount of sweetness! I did find that slim-fast's snack bars, in caramel crunch and peanut something-or-other flavour are by contrast really quite palatable! they're less than 100 calories but comparatively high in fat... though not too bad, will have to get some more of those!

    Subversive - how funny! I was just walking through battersea park today... went to my dentist in chelsea who I won't lose as a) he's ace and b) he's NHS! took a walk home (part of my getting back into shape thingy) and went through the park, it was beautiful today!! I usually cycle everywhere so it was nice to take the pace down a little and enjoy the scenery, I do miss that park and the Thames!

    re Wole, that would have been awesome to see him fight! I absolutely love boxing, there's just something so raw about a sport where you just use your hands and don't rely on things like expensive bikes, running shoes, football boots etc... it's great!

    he'd get a shock if he saw me now though, I'm about 3 stone heavier than I was back in the chelsea sports centre days... although I was a bit *too* thin at one point, but I was sooo much younger - he looks absolutely no different to how he used to!!