Tuesday 3 March 2009

Quick Update (and renewed commitments!)

I'm going to write a longer post soon, but just thought I'd give you all an update as to how I'm doing...

well, not too well actually!

I've discovered that my goal of becoming the women's Maximuscle Body of 2009 is going to be a lot more challenging than I thought!!

I thought I was doing so well last week... well, reasonably well anyway. I cycled to and from work every single day - okay so that's only 4 miles each way, and I'm hardly what you could call a 'speedy cyclist', but I do get reasonably sweaty (nice) and it sure beats taking the train for exercise! (although, saying that, given that I'm notoriously late for just about everything, perhaps my five minute dash to the train station burns off more calories than my 40/50 mins of cycling a day? haha)

I also drank milkshakes practically every day too and I definitely ate less!

I put on 2lbs... gutted doesn't even come close :-(

However, when I look back, if I'm truly honest I'd have to admit that I wasn't all that disciplined. Work and study deadlines meant that my cycling to work was the *only* exercise I did until last Saturday afternoon! I had a day's training course during which a rather wonderful hot and cold buffet was supplied... I also drank a fair bit of red wine on several occassions... oh yeah, and had steak and chips, and fish and chips two nights in a row!

heavens, I only really have myself to blame!

I think that now, if I'm going to see any real results I will have to approach this in a controlled fashion. I'm going to have to a) religiously enter food into my online food diary on Weight Loss Resources b) actually do some exercise! c) stick to the two shakes a day for breakfast and lunch, D) and just use the maximuscle promax diet shakes, instead of flitting between that and the slimfast which I've been trying to use up. As much as the slimfast shakes are reasonably palatable, and they are thicker in consistency (I imagine though that this is due to the addition of milk) and mix very well, the floury taste is a bit off putting as is the enormous sugar-derived carbohydrate level!

Now, I'm not one of those (perhaps rather silly, sorry!) people who believe that you can live on an extremely high-protein diet for any length of time and train hard with it.

After all, if my hero Lance Armstrong's very own coach, Chris Carmichael asserts that we absolutely need at least 60% of our daily intake of food to come from carbohydrates then who am I to argue with that?!

The fact is that I a) eat a lot of fruit and b) cook a lot of rice, potatoes, pasta etc as part of my family's evening meal, so there's no chance of me going into ketosis (which is good as I'm rather fond of my internal organs and their efficient functionality!!) I just realise that protein plays a massively important part in muscle development and regeneration!

Anyway, going off on one again, sorry!

Where was I... oh yeah, so I'm going to only stick to the maximuscle promax diet shakes, and the diet bars when they arrive (I'm not allowed to get personal items delivered to work so my b/f's about to get a heap of maximuscle goods descend on him, poor love, ha!)

I'll also be experimenting with the efficacy of the Thermobol pills too... interested to see what results, if any, they produce. There are some good reviews available for the product, but they seem to all cite things like perseverance, increased exercise/weight training, and a better diet as being key facilitators for enabling the product to work. Comments like that concern me and make me question whether or not it is just the increase in exercise and the decrease in food that has helped and not the pills themselves!

It's hard to tell, and I guess I've got to wait and see what results, if any, they produce! Of all the thermogenic fat-burning pills there seem to be out there on the market, I'd probably trust Thermobol over the rest because of the quality of nutrition and the level of research behind maximuscle's products.

Right, time to stop rambling and to put my money where my mouth is!

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