Friday 6 March 2009


Promax Diet Bars dark chocolate flavour... bloody gorgeous!  

Really tasty, quite heavy and dense so fill you up very effectively!  It's great to be actually able to chew something!

more carbohydrates though, although that's to be expected as it's a bulky bar!  Less protein as well though, only 20.4g compared to the whopping 37.8g in the shake!

my maximuscle consignment arrived, very exciting, have started taking the Thermobol so will update my blog on how I take to that.

I have to admit, the bag is pretty damn good!  I was recently given a very similar one as a freebie from an accounting firm, and it's rubbish, the zip broke almost immediately.  But the maximuscle bag is great, it's actually quite thick material, quite robust looking too.  There are quite a few pockets too so it means I'll be able to keep my phone separate from my gym membership card as the magnetic strip in my blackberry case seems to wipe it!!  Also does that to paper train tickets, most annoying!!  It's got a small, but reasonably sized pocket at the front for important things like lip balm and earphone, then a larger pocket for my weight gloves, energy gels/tabs/bars and Workout Wallet and then a separate phone pocket on the front and a window for a pass/card (although mine looked like it'd fall out so I've put it in the zip-up one instead.

can't wait to take it to the gym

what a poser eh?! hehe ;-)

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