Thursday 16 April 2009


I'm having a wisdom tooth out today, although this is not until later and the event is yet to take place, I thought I'd attempt to evoke as much sympathy as possible... to act as a cushion... of sorts!

the tooth hasn't grown through properly yet, and doesn't have the space to either... I'll spare you the gory details (unless you really want to know and then you can just mail me and I'll get graphic), but needless to say I'm going to be feeling rather sorry for myself later.

My other half, who's currently in the doghouse, is giving the whole TLC phenomena a go and will be bringing me back some soup tonight, bless! (he did offer ice-cream, which would be infinitely preferable... not least for the taste but also its cooling properties!) but I resisted - hurrah! Will now be having carrot and coriander soup for main and a maximuscle promax diet milkshake for dessert, splendid :-) (I'm thinking of mixing banana and strawberry powders... with ice and real banana too, should be tasty!)

Anyway, in preparation for tonight's butchery, and the subsequent inability to eat solids, I decided that a huuuuge main meal in the middle of the day was in order as I'll be slurping liquid slush later no doubt.

So I visited our canteen at lunch... and there went a little nuts. I bought a piece of salmon, half an avocado, some salad with pasta and olives, some chicken risotto, a few new potatoes, and... to top it all off... some roasted parsnips!

Now, you'd think that parsnips would be a healthy option, and generally they are; but not when they've been deep fried!

I thought they were lovely at first, all crispy, yummmmm... having eaten the lot I felt like I was going to barf.

I'm wondering if this is because they were actually a) revolting (although they certainly didn't *taste* that way) or b) just containing too much fat!

I've been on quite a low fat diet for a little while now and perhaps my body just couldn't handle the high lard content?! Either way I felt thoroughly sickened and have only now, almost 2 hours later, been able to start eating my risotto and new potatoes.

I think I might steer clear of the downstairs canteen in future. I just find that, when faced with a large choice, I make a large choice!!

I might start making my own lunches and bringing them in, that way I can accurately calculate the calories and fat etc in my online Weight Loss Resources diary (you have the facility to create recipes... which can be as simple as jam on toast, or as complex as...errmm... paella?)

I really need to sort my eating habits out, I really do suffer from disordered eating!! Although employing the word 'suffer' is probably incorrect as it's less of a 'affliction' than an 'infliction' on myself. I could eat properly if I just sat down and thought more carefully about it... planned my meals in advance etc. But although I'm super organised when it comes to planning events and trips, I'm less so when it comes to organising my own life. I have a dreadfully short attention span and I get bored more quickly than anyone I know! Except perhaps my son, poor lad, dreadful trait to inherit!

ahh well, anyway, enough of the rambling...

I got let out of play rehearsals early last night - quite scared at the mo as it's next week that it's on!! - and considered going to the gym but ended up meeting up with neighbours to discuss a street party we're putting on later in the year (we're a sociable bunch us south-londoners!).

As my other half decided not to come home after only going to the pub after the club run to 'discuss his etape training', I felt too full of energy, and also moderately full of guilt at skipping the gym, so decided to do one of my many exercise DVDs that I have bought in a fit of good intentions, only to have them lie dormant on my shelves forever more.... ahhh

well, I did one of Nell McAndrew's DVDs. I love Nell, okay she's a former glamour model... and indeed does sometimes still strip off - but this time was for charity (can you spot which one she is? haha) - and, being rather well-spoken myself, I should find her accent a bit of a put off (as I know it grates on some people), but I don't, it's very sweet... as is she. She looks great, and is a bloody good athlete to boot, with a marathon time qualifying her to run with the elites!!!

I did her third DVD -
Ultimate Challenge - Ultimate Results in which she employs the use of her personal trainer again - whose name I've forgotten! - the format is much like the other one I've done... lots of leg raises, jogging on the spot and squats.... arghhhh! Painful!!

I liked this DVD for 3 reasons

- Although repetitive, this video was far from boring!

- You literally do all the workouts in a small area, almost on the spot, this means that if you only have a very small space to use then it's ideal for you! (as long as you don't have have any low-hanging light fittings as there is a lot of arm waving!!)

- the people in the video were *much* less irritating than last time, I abhor people, mainly guys I find, who dance around and bop to the music in exercise DVDs... like they're something special... YOU'RE NOT... YOU'RE JUST WALLPAPER, ACT ACCORDINGLY!!!
ahem, sorry, so where was I... oh yeah, and there were more people this time, in all shapes and sizes - someone for everyone eh? ;-)

- They all sweat!! HA! I love it... obviously Nell still manages to have the most perfect make-up, and she doesn't sweat in embarrassing places like I do (never again will I wear light grey pants to a pilates class!!!)

yes, okay so that was more than three, but still... definitely a thoroughly enjoyable workout

Right, better get on...


  1. wisdom tooth surgery is not that bad. They will give you prescriptions for vicodin or some other heavy duty pain killer afterwards. Just don't take too many.

  2. Lol, diet Diva... you wrote exactly the same comment on my other post:

    and I am following your blog already :-D

    feel like I've been blog-spammed! ;-)


  3. Oh and Omega - I know! I'm just a big wuss really

    my dentist said that the worst part of the surgery would be the injections... and sure enough, they hurt like hell!!! As the area had got infected because of having zero space for the tooth to grow in, it was incredibly sore :-(

    however, after the nasty jabs, the dentist went "right, let's give it a go", wobbled around in my mouth with some sharp object that I thankfully couldn't see and, hey presto, the tooth was out literally before I'd even realised!!

    It did start to throb a bit during my five mile walk home, so I purchased some paracetamol from a newsagent's and was fine... I don't know what vicodin is... is that a UK drug?

    I once double-dosed on paracetamol when I had a tooth abscess without realising. I was taking some Tylenol I'd picked up in Canada and was taking 2 of those, with 2 paracetamol... didn't know that acetaminophen was actually the same as paracetamol!!