Tuesday 7 April 2009

Appesat - pharmaceutical-free seaweed diet pill

Just read this article on a product called Appesat. I'm quite tempted to try it out!

Simply because, I don't actually have a problem with the type of food I eat, simply the quantity! I'm sure I have Portion Distortion... possibly because my Mum always made sure I finished everything on the plate! and also perhaps because my last boyfriend was 6'3" and very broad... he needed a lot more to eat than I did but I'm pretty sure I kept up with him!

The problem isn't about what I eat, I hardly ever eat chocolate, biscuits, cakes, sweets etc... I gave up alcohol before Christmas to see if it would have any effect on my weight and it didn't, so that's obviously not an issue either!

I know that in order to lose weight I need to exercise more, I have a very sedentary job stuck in front of a computer all day, and I have a very slow metabolism, so it's important for me to get some movement in! I ran on Saturday... a full 1 minute per mile slower than previous runs and enjoyed it *so* much more! I used the Cardio Wave machine at my local gym (this machine rocks!!) for 45 mins on Sunday (apparently burning 510 cals but for how little I was out of breath and how low my heart rate felt, I'd say closer to 350/400 cals), I climbed yesterday for over an hour and I'm cycling today to and from work.

I also went for an hour's walk at lunch today, down by the Thames. The rather excellent FetchEveryone running site (which is definitely worth a look at, as it has the most excellent tools to help you train, and is free!) tells me that my route was exactly 4 miles, which is nice to know :-)

anyway, going off topic there a bit, so yeah, my problem is not that I eat unhealthily or that I drink excessively (I have developed a penchant for low alcohol and zero alcohol lager, tastes nearly as good and has barely any, if any, alcohol and much fewer calories!!), I think I just eat too much over the course of the day, and particularly around dinner time!

Although the Thermobol definitely helped me in the way I now look a lot more toned, they did nothing to prevent my feeling peckish! If I could fool my stomach into thinking it's full it would definitely help me with my weight loss goals. I think I just need to use another tool at the moment to assist with controlling my food intake. I'm doing well with my exercise, and also with my maximuscle meal replacement shakes and bars (although I find I can't eat a whole Promax Diet bar in the morning as they're so dense and filling!!) - I've stocked up with enough to keep me going for a couple of months! - so I reckon I'll give these a go and see if they can help with my feelings of gastric emptiness!!

wish me luck!


  1. The seaweed "diet pills" haven't been proven clinically to increase metabolism... there are many sites that rate diet products... don't believe just one article. They are expensive and NOT proven.

  2. I never said they would raise my metabolic rate... which is steadfastly stubbornly low! haha, the only thing that seems to do that is exercise!

    They're an appetite suppressant, they work by expanding in the stomach thus giving you the feeling of being fuller - which appeals to me as I'm constantly hungry!

    also, the article I linked to stated that

    "It has been approved as a medical device by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority, the government body that vets new treatments."

    the fact that the company has received such approval would indicate that clinical trials have been carried out, as confirmed later on when the article states:

    "Clinical trials suggest the pill can help gradual weight loss, averaging around one-and-a-half stones over a three-month period. Once the patient has got used to eating smaller amounts, the pills can be stopped."

    It's important to read things fully, I'm not relying on them as some miracle quick fix, unlike Maximuscle's Thermobol they don't have any thermogenic properties so I don't expect them to help me burn fat more quickly, but I'm planning on trialling them for a month to see if they do indeed reduce my appetite. Once that happens I can stop using them.

    They're merely an aid, all these things are, there are no real safe 'quick fixes', but there are some great tools we can use to help us achieve our weight-loss goals :-)

    Don't worry, if they're crap and I stay ravenous, I'll let you all know! :-D

  3. I just noticed your comments and working on Appesat team, I thought you may be interested to hear more about how Appesat can claim to be a clinically proven natural appetite suppressant. In a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study of 139 overweight and obese subjects, those taking Appesat achieved weight losses of up to 9.4kg in 12 weeks, which was 67 per cent greater than the placebo control group and in a second placebo-controlled and a second double-blind, randomised, cross-over clinical study of 46 subjects, people taking Appesat said they felt up to four times more satisfied with the food they had eaten, compared to those who hadn’t. For more info, visit www.appesat.co.uk

    I hope I haven’t blinded you too much with science! Broken Yo Yo, you’re right in how they work, expanding in your stomach, making you feel full and reduce your appetite. I can send you over some samples if you like as they should help your portion distortion!

  4. Thanks, Laura! I look forward to trying the product for myself :-) I've just been googling it some more and have found numerous other articles and very favourable reviews

    I think (provided it does work, haha!) that it'll help provide me with a complete and more rounded approach to my weight-loss programme.

    I have the nutritionally complete meal replacement products from Maximuscle, amazingly informative and comprehensive sports nutrition advice courtesy of Anita Bean's books, the increased cardio and strength training I’ve been undertaking, and now a tool to help train my stomach to require a smaller volume of food - perfect! :-)