Wednesday 22 April 2009

First Night!

Well, yesterday was the first night of my play!

It was very exciting and nerve-wracking... I play a man, then a woman, then a man again, and the costume changes are very quick!

my legs were trembling when I tottered out in my high heels, but I soon regained my composure and actually enjoyed the whole thing tremendously!

Now I can't wait for tonight's performance, and that of Pride & Prejudice in the summer!

a brief update on how I've been getting on...

well, my serious training has been put on hold a little as I've been busy with the play and my OU course... but I have been managing to exercise, and eat less, with positive results!

I weighed myself on Saturday and was 11st 3lbs, which is a drop of 5lbs in the last couple of months. My waist size is now under 30" at last, which is just as well as I told the costume lady for P&P that it's 28"! It should be by that point anyway, it is if I hold my stomach in now, haha

The Appesat is definitely helping! My appetite has decreased quite substantially and I'm finding I'm just not as hungry in the day as I used to be.

It's funny how you can actually fit exercise in if you really try, regardless of how busy you are or how many commitments you have... it's all about how much of an effort you're willing to make!

For example, as I'm performing every day and saturday I'm not going to be able to cycle to and from work (I miss it already!) as I have to get the tube (pahhh!), so on Monday I walked from work to the theatre, which was 2 1/2 miles, and then yesterday I walked into work, which is 4 miles (took me under an hour, which is quite respectable I reckon ;-) )

I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to fit in today as I have to be at the theatre for 6pm tonight, but I'm sure I'll manage something. I was going to go for a run this lunch but I forgot my usual running shoes, my Asics Gel Kayanos, which have the special inserts that were made for me by the fantastic people at Profeet.

After I got my Kayano 15s I thought I'd try for a bit just running with the usual shoe liner instead of the orthotics. This was a little foolish to say the least and I've had shin pain ever since - so am loathe to train without them in!

I do have my walking shoes with me, however, and it is a rather beautiful day out there... so I may just opt for a long walk at lunch. I'm incredibly lucky being so close to the stunningly beautiful St James's Park as well as the River Thames :-) From my work, to the City of London Lion Statue and back, is 4 miles exactly :-)

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