Friday 1 May 2009

I'm back baby, yeah!

after that emphatic greeting... I may just tone it down a little... ;-)

I have recently re-discovered my waist-line, I'm loving having an almost flat stomach again, it's a great feeling

it's been a bit mixed, progress wise... while I've lost pounds, and inches from my waist, chest, back and hips, my thighs have remained stubbornly... well... huge! It's upsetting to say the least, but I guess just one of the things I have to accept being pear shaped!

one thing's for certain, whatever I'm doing is definitely having a positive effect, I just need to do it better, and more importantly, keep doing it!

OU assignment submitted tuesday night (albeit with 2 mins to go to deadline... who wants to live life comfortably eh?! ;-) ) and play No. 1 out the way... I can dedicate my time to some actual training - hurrah!

I would have posted yesterday but thought it best to spend some time with my son... we went to see Wolverine, excellent film! not least because it had both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in it! droool

ahem, sorry, enough of that

so yes, I can tell you that I've not been lazy thus far...

pretty damn good weights session in the gym including awesome sit-ups with medicine ball... more to follow at some point when I decide an actual format for these random postings of mine!

30 mins running on treadmill
15 mins rowing (I *love* rowing)

06:30 45 minute spin class which nearly destroyed me... the pain of which was ameliorated somewhat by getting to cuddle a baby lamb later in the day... god I love my job

meant to do a long walk but ran out of lunch break so 30 mins on eliptical trainer (was still late for meeting... ho hum!)

4 miles brisk walk in under an hour, taking in one of the city's finest parks... plus some perty gardens and the Thames - perfect!

so there you go, not bad!

I've also been eating more healthily, and in smaller quantities, definitely thanks to the Appesat! It's very odd to be ruled by one's stomach for a change, but in a good way! I've never been one to suffer from having 'eyes bigger than belly'... quite the opposite, my stomach has been capable of some rather remarkable feats of stretching! However, lately, I just can't fit any more in when my head's saying "come on, you've still got food left on your plate, it's yummy, you'd usually be able to polish it off!"

bizarre, but fabulous too!

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