Wednesday 13 May 2009

Quick update and question on egg whites...


Well, been very busy busy busy, all good though and have managed to fit training in around it so pleased to report that I've lost the 4lbs that bizzarely attached themselves to me last week (it might have just been TOTM wimmin stuff though...)

I'm loving how my body is starting to look, my shoulders especially, they were looking quite rounded and flabby before but now look strong and square(ish). I benched 30kg yesterday which is more than I've done before so quite chuffed with that :-) All my weights have gone up by at least 2.5kg and I've started incorporating more free weights in, e.g. shoulder press is 16kg (2 x 8kg barbells) as opposed to 15kg on the shoulder press machine. The free weights version is *much* more challenging as I'm having to use my core to stabilise me and I can't just take most the weight on my right arm like I've probably be doing in the past!

I'm also loving waking up with such a flatter stomach :-)

I just wish my thighs would hop on board and start decreasing, grr!!

I did some interval training on the treadmill at work on Monday, was hard work, basically I did 30mins alternating between 10 minutes per mile pace (m/m), 8 m/m and 7 m/m like this:

5 x mins @ 10 m/m pace
2 x mins @ 8 m/m pace
5 x mins @ 10 m/m pace
2 x mins @ 8 m/m pace
5 x mins @ 10 m/m pace
2 x mins @ 7 m/m pace
5 x mins @ 10 m/m pace
2 x mins @ 7 m/m pace
2 x mins @ 10 m/m pace

all in all 5.2km (and 420 cals burnt apparently!)

the 8 m/m pace was tough but the 7 m/m pace was really really hard work!! I thought I'd fall off the treadmill!

after my tough weights session yesterday I thought I'd hop on the elliptical to do some cardio work but was aching too much and that trainer really does replicate running a bit too well!

So did 30 mins on the stepping machine, haven't used one of those since I used to do boxing training over a year ago - bloody hard work!

oh yeah, so have to get on but I'm going to post soon with some yummy recipes I've devised lately, the first being minced beef, tomatoes, spinach and quinoa... and a version substituting quorn and maximuscle promax natural (which you can use in recipes to provide quality protein) for beef mince... more protein, less fat and Kcals - superb!

I was wondering if anyone had experience using liquid egg whites? I made some scrambled eggs yesterday with 3 egg whites and an egg yolk... the result was messy and meant that my other half had 3 yolks in his bacon sarnie (not that he was moaning!) so I was going to buy some from MyProtein but I just can't stand the thought of eating something produced by poor pecked to pieces barn hens, I wouldn't use anything other than free range eggs at home for normal consumption so not going to use them to up my protein levels!

I found a place called eggnation that do free range whites, but £49 is a bit steep, although you do get 12 cartons! I don't think my b/f would be too chuffed at carrying it all home for me either haha (can't get stuff delivered to my work, boo) and then there's TwoChicks which you can apparently buy in supermarkets! I'll have to keep an eye out for them.

Anybody else use any other brands?

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