Wednesday 6 May 2009

Worn out!

about to go to bed as pretty cream crackered after a great weight session with the boyf... aside from the usual suspects (shoulder press, lat pull down, low row, vertical traction, triceps extension and bicep curl and lift - as well as the adductor, abductor and single and double leg presses)we did a bit of pyramiding on the bench which was fun... I'm feeling great now but think I might ache like hell tomorrow... top of chest is very firm to the touch (ooer!)!!

So, I ran for 30 mins on the treadmill afterwards, was surprised at how challenging it was, nearly fell off the thing afterwards!

I'm due at spin class at 06:45 tomorrow but not sure if my legs will take it, annoying when things don't go your way!

we'll see...

b/f left me running and came home to prepare dinner, we had salmon, brown rice, steamed veg and some left over rump steak from yesterday, delish!

I'll be posting tomorrow about the food I've decided that I'm going to be making a big part of my diet as have decided to re jig my nutrition, really give it some decent thought, care and attention... after all, this strength and fitness training is all well and good, but what's the use in having lovely muscles if you're hiding them under a few inches of fat!

In the meantime I've put in a couple of orders from Maximuscle for me and the other half

For me I have ordered some more Promax Diet powder, in banana flavour, the nicest! Some Promax Diet Bars, this time in choc and orange flavour and a couple of boxes of Promax Crisp Bars, which are just damn tasty really and great just sling into your gym bag to take if you're feeling low on fuel! One of the boxes of crisp bars was free, which is just as well as, although fabulously tasty, Maximuscle is definitely not a cheap option!

For OH he's got a tub of Viper to help with his rehydration and muscle recovery after and during his long hellish hilly cycle training, and a tub of Cyclone which is full of good stuff but not packed with calories as he's not interested in gaining any weight in the run up to his exhausting cycle race in July, indeed, his lean frame will definitely prove advantages on a route which is basically just one big bloody mountain climb! Actually, that's not true... it's several mountain climbs leading to the foot of one bloody huge mountain climb! I'm scared for him, but I know he'll do well :-)

oh and I bought a kettlebell today! only 10lbs (just under 5kg), but it's a start I reckon!

night everyone :-)

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