Wednesday 20 May 2009

Good Grief!!!

I'm in shock

Look at this device... see how innocuous it appears, how helpful and... some might even suggest... 'friendly' looking.

But NO!

it is a cruel crusher of pride :-(

It is a destroyer of ego and confidence too

I was *so* excited when I got this home yesterday, couldn't wait to leap on it and try it out. It's really easy to set up and use

my excitement was short-lived

Just look at this!

The weight is fine, just over 11st 1lb... but 37.2% body fat?!!!!! More than a third of my body is fat?! According to the instruction manual, this means that I fall into the 'High' category for my body fat percentage!

I'm not happy... how can I have a reasonably healthy BMI but have such a high percentage of fat?!

Thing is, I know these scales are used by professionals so I'm just going to have to suck it up I guess! I mean... did I really think I'd gained 2 stone of muscle during the last year through eating and drinking too much? No... I think this has been a wake-up call, I have very narrow wrists, ankles, waist etc... but humongous thighs and an ample rump... go figure!

Ahh well, the good news is that Joe's birthday present *finally* arrived:

Sexy huh? They're by Rudy Project and they're called Rydon II and have impactx lenses (which are unbreakable) that not only are polarised... but also photochromic - i.e. they change colour with the light! They'll be perfect for his L'etape Du Tour race later this year as no doubt he'll be going from light to dark conditions quite a lot - see here for more info :-)

oh and I'm loving my new cycle gear :-) The rack bag is a little on the small side... but I guess that means it'll encourage me to take less shit out with me when I go... I have contingency for just about any eventuality!!

This top is awesome, it is nice and bright yellow... and comfortably covers my bum, great fit, looks good too! :-) I'm going to just have to buy the pink one now!

Anyway, must get on as I'm leaving work soon, going to do 45 mins on treadmill, nice and steady, then hop on bike home, shower and then leave for airport... going to Ireland until Monday, can't wait! I'll be spending my 30th Birthday in Dublin, should be good... will have to try and visit lots of my namesakes while I'm out... it's a popular Irish (place) name it would seem!

I'll try and update blog while I'm away but it'll be via blackberry if I do... or might just do the Twitter thing...

Anyway, later! x


  1. Eek - they sound far too truthful! Time to build some muscles, me thinks!

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