Monday 30 November 2009

Still here!


I'm sorry I've been so rubbish over the last couple of weeks but I've got shedloads on at work and have been out every night so haven't had any time to just chiiiiil (and blog!)

I have a quiet night in (for a change!) this evening so will do my best to update you later (expect post of mammoth proportions!)

in brief though:

cardio - bit crap, only some elliptical trainer work (due to not having any time because of work and social committments - yes I know that sounds lame but seriously I've not been able to sqeeze it all in!!)
food - not bad actually
drinking - waaaay too much, can't see it getting any better either due to the nature of this festive season!
weight training - pretty good in terms of upper half! managed to get out with Joe last week and did 3 sessions... very pleased, it helps to split things out a bit, did chest & arms, back and then shoulders yesterday :-) need to do more lower half stuff though :-S

right, that's your lot, need to get on and get back to project work but hopefully catch up later.

hope you've all been well, have been reading blogs when I can but not able to do much in the way of commenting due to time restrictions!



  1. Christmas does get in the way of everything doesn't it? I can feel a "I can't get to the gym as I NEED to put my Christmas decorations up" excuse coming out of my own mouth this week at some point. Shall try and do shopping online though to save time.

    Oh, and if you need motivating to do more lower body stuff, I can send you some hotpants like the ones I wore on Friday. That CERTAINLY focusses the mind on lower body training!!!!!!!!

  2. Time restrictions, shmime restrictions!!! Do like I do and put your relationships in dread peril by blogging at fact, no don't do that....leave the relationship mistakes to me, I do enough for both of us.

  3. lol at subversive runner...I feel like I spend all my time exercising and blogging. blogging and exercising...If you can't make your self into a meat head hermit, what good are you lol.
    Enjoy the holidays, we'll be here (as usual) when you get back.

  4. Glad you are keeping well - looking forward to Postasaurus Rex!

  5. Hello you guys!!

    Really chuffed you're still reading despite my inability to sit down and type anything of length!!

    gaahhh so much for mega update tonight! I've managed to split into four topics (gigs shows etc, general bollocks, training and winter wonderland) - will do my best to upload stuff tomorrow, need sleep now, flagging and have consultants in tomorrow to do lots of scary coding with - eeekk!!

    Speak to you all soon :-)