Sunday 15 November 2009

want want want!

I saw this article of hotness the other day. No... not the lady, though she wasn't too bad ;-)

This bag rocks, rocks my socks off, I want it!


If anyone knows where I can get it, please let me know. I PROMISE that I will use it probably once or twice tops as I'm more of a rucksack kinda gal... but that doesn't mean I won't treasure and worship said lovely item for forever more....

...or at least until another sparkly spangly object of desire catches my magpie like gaze... ;-)



  1. im pretty sure its primark!!!!!!!!!! i seen them last week whilst in town shopping. only about £10-£15 i think! two different colours too if i remember rightly x

  2. LOL at magpie. That's exactly what I thought when I started reading this. You read my mind, you vixen.

  3. ooooh.

    thanks for the premium handbag porn. that is just what i needed...


  4. TK - cool huh? I can't help but be attracted by useless sparkly things, it's the girlie side of me just screeeeeaming to get out - lol!!
    BB - legend! I might have to take a look provided I can bear the crowds, sharpened elbows and tactical basket-stuffing!
    Jack - It's a skill, clearly ;-)
    Kitty - it's pretty f**king special huh? Although, if it's from Primark (AKA Primarni) then it's less than premium, more bargain basement bag porn... your kind of plastic bag, potato sack kinda porn :-D i.e. all the sequins will fall off if you even *threaten* to brush it against a fellow commuter (ooer missus!)


  5. Er.........
    I have that bag! In silver! It was £8 from Primark. But a few months ago...

    Maybe when I need to make next months minimum payment for my creditcard I shall post it on eBay... ;-)