Thursday 16 July 2009

Huzzah! Maximuscle Maxi-milk BOGOF

heh, that has to be one of my favourite acronyms... my son used to love walking round the supermarket when he was younger yelling "look mummy, there's another bogof" :-D

anyway, my fave RTD (ready-to-drink... I am the acronym queen today!) protein shake, Maxi-milk, is available now on a buy-one-get-one-free basis for a limited time from the actual Maximuscle site, click here for deal.

I'm quite chuffed by this to say the least as a) I'm a big fan of this drink, especially the strawberry flavour which you don't even really need to chill as it tastes fine even if it's at room temperature! and b) I was whinging on my blog the other day about how I wish Maximuscle would offer some better deals on their products and, hey presto! It's a good move by them :-)

It's a great post-workout drink... here's the blurb on the email I got from the nice people at Maxiwomen:

One of the best things about Maxi-Milk is the fact it can be used to support the goals of all sports players, gym users and endurance athletes. It's easy to see why as Maxi-Milk:

- Contains the exclusive Maxipro protein blend for sustained protein support.

- Is enriched with whey protein for rapid muscle recovery after exercise.

- Holds 33g protein & 38g carbs per serving for rapid recovery.

Simply put, if you play sport, go to the gym or are involved in endurance exercise, a carton of Maxi-Milk after performing will aid muscle recovery, help maintain strength and support performance.

needless to say, several cartons of the stuff, as well as Promax Diet protein bars, my shaker and a few portions of measured out scoops of Promax Diet (including the vanilla flavour, it's very nice, especially when mixed with the chocolate flavour, yummm) will be accompanying me to France tomorrow! If I don't have my healthy snacks, the prospect of copious quantities of lovely french cheese will seem even more appealing...

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