Wednesday 1 July 2009

quick post before I sod off home

so I didn't make it to BMF tonight. I won some tickets to see La Roux, who I LOVE in an unhealthy cheesy synth-loving manner :-D and then discovered that a friend's birthday meal was tonight instead of tomorrow, bahhh... and then figured that actually since my back is hurting and I'm quite tired I'm just going to go home and chill.

I get upper back pain quite often, usually for no apparent reason... I might just suddenly jerk my back and then the space between my shoulder blades feels like it's going to explode. not much fun :-(

I'd kinda decided earlier on to make this a rest day anyway. I've done quite a bit these last few days given that it's not been long since I've been 100% well.

* Lower Body Workout No.1
(quick blitz in the gym. Double leg press: 80kg; Single Leg Press: 40kg; Leg Curl: 35kg; Leg Extension: 35Kg; Adductor: 55kg; abductor: 55kg)

* Walked home from work: 4 miles in less than an hour
* abdominal workout in the evening

* Upper Body Workout No. 2
(Shoulder Press: 9kg; Biceps Curl: 9kg; Upright Row: 9kg; Triceps Kickback: 7kg; Lateral Shoulder Raises: 5kg; Side Row: 12.5kg)
* Cycle to and from work (8 miles)

Tomorrow I'm planning to do my Lower Body Workout No.2 in my work gym first thing in the morning. Then at lunch time I'm going to have a steady jog on the treadmill for 20-30 mins followed by lots of stretching.

I might not do upper body weights until Saturday, will have to see how I feel.

So, instead of running around a park in the sunshine, or sitting down to a nice meal, or going to see a band I like, I'm going to trundle off home and sit in my local pub (which is actually a nice pub, gastro status but not too pricey) with t'other half and eat a nice steak and drink a glass of medicinal red wine (it has analgesic properties, true story!)

it'll be good to spend an evening with my OH as I feel like we've drifted apart a bit lately with us both having our own projects. It's scary how little time there is to fit everything in. I'm such a contender for the 'biting off more than she can chew' title.

Ahh well, play's next week and then that's something out the way so I can relax a little and focus on family and training.

here are my dresses for Pride & Prejudice by the way:

what do you think? I'm so excited about wearing them! I'm a little worried by how low cut the first two are though as last sunday's rehearsal saw me acquire some rather interesting burn tan lines, hmmm...!!

The first is my dress as the single-spinster Charlotte Lucas, the second is single-spinster-but-hopeful-to-get-a-fella-at-a-balll Charlotte Lucas, and the third is 'married to the dreadful reverend collins... and the church... so must cover up one's assets' ;-)

The dress rehearsal is Sunday, I do hope they all fit, though reasonably optimistic that they'll be fine as I'm good with dresses being a pear shape... it's just trousers I can't cope with as I found in my last play when I had to play a man - my estimations were *way* out!!

okay, must dash, if only because there's a cleaner in the other half of the office who, whilst doing a sterling job of cleaning all our admin people's pedestals, is a little larger-framed so struggling a bit and therefore grunting away like the ladies at Wimbledon! I fear that any second now I might giggle - doesn't she know I'm here?!

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