Tuesday 30 June 2009

new maximuscle goodies on order

just placed an order with a fab cheap site called Dolphin Fitness for some Maximuscle goodies :-D

I've bought some more Promax Diet Bars in chocolate orange flavour, can't get enough of those and they're so good to just chuck in my bag when I'm out for the day, like at rehearsals etc, as they don't melt like other chocolate bars I can keep them out in the sun - unlike me, which did melt on Sunday!!

also ordered some Promax Diet shake powder as just discovered that you can buy it in vanilla flavour, hurrah! You can only get that flavour if you buy the big tubs but I figure that I get through enough of this powder it's probably more economical to buy it in bulk! Just hope the flavour's not minging, as I'll be stuck with a lot if so! ha! mind you, if it's not as tasty as I hope then I can always mix and match. My favourite flavour is "BananaBerry", aka 1 scoop of Promax Diet in Banana and 1 scoop Strawberry, it's a max yum combination!

lastly I've ordered two lots of their new Maxi-Milk... have ordered the chocolate as well as the strawberry which I've already tried and used up! it's seriously tasty and, again, can just throw it in my bag and it's ready to drink when I need it :-D

so yeah, Dolphin Fitness, super site, all the above actually cost over £6 less than from the Maximuscle site, even with their 4-for-the-price-of-3 offer, word to the wise - quality products at more affordable prices!

It's a pity Maximuscle goods are just that much more expensive than just about everything else out there! Yes they are fantastic, tasty and good quality, which is why I keep re-ordering my faves... but I seriously think they'd win more customers if they just re-thought their pricing structure a little, perhaps offered more incentives, like 3-for-2 instead of 4-for-3 etc... I think that once they've got fans and customers that they'll keep them because they realise how good the products are... but it's the initial attraction where they probably fall short as there are a lot of price-savvy people out there who'll shop around extensively for a bargain. I've read loads of reviews on the various Maximuscle protein powders and supplements and none of them have questioned their efficacy... the No.1 criticism is always the price!

oh and I also wish Maximuscle would rethink their free gift with orders over a certain price - I have SO many unused shakers now it's unbelievable, haha!! anyone want one?!

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