Wednesday 24 June 2009

stairs = a little challenging, but not impossible, phew!

So, the good news is that I can walk today - hurrah! I am pretty damn stiff and my legs are definitely feeling the effects of the last two day's weight and spin sessions, but hopefully that'll lessen by the end of the day...

my first lesson is Body Attack (see pic), followed by Body Pump... if what I'm led to believe is true and BA is much harder than BP then I might be grateful of the comparative ease provided by BP's class being second! we shall see!

As you'll see from the screen print I have also booked on a beginner's pilates lesson on Saturday morning. My pride/ego screams that I shouldn't be doing a 'beginner's class', that I'm *way* more advanced and should at least be attending the intermediate one.... but I am quieting it by pointing out that there is no intermediate class, and that the advanced class starts at 09:45 (me and mornings don't get on, especially at the weekend!), and that I'm sure after this week's class I shall realise just how much of an advanced person I am (ahem, cough cough) and progress to the advanced class the following week.

reality will probably dictate that I realise just *how* weak my unworked core actually is, and happily participate in the beginner's class until further notice ;-)

although my comment about mornings is indeed accurate, these last two days (hardly a lifetime I realise) I've endeavoured to get up earlier. yesterday I was up at 6 to take the bread out of the breadmaker and let it cool sufficiently so I could make my son a sarnie before heading to spin class at the eye-watering time of 06:45! Today I was up at 07:00 to make son's sandwich again as didn't have time last night and he has to leave by 07:25 to get the train to school (it's quite far away, but I don't want him going to school in central london, nuh uh!).

Instead of doing my usual trick this morning of leaping back into my warm inviting bed and snuggling back up to my also-useless-at-getting-up-early, I made a cup of coffee, jumped in the shower and then headed to work. Was at my desk by 08:20, my boss nearly fell off his chair!

it meant that I was able to promote a shipment into the live environment before anyone from the admin team was in, bonus!

also means that I'll be able to leave here early (like at 5!) which'll be strange to say the least. I usually rock up to my desk at 10am and then leave after 6... sometimes way after, like at 8pm the other day! I think it's down to my lack of productivity in the morning, probably due to not getting up early enough and then spending the rest of the morning in a daze. Yup, that's it.

this morning I feel bright, albeit starving, haha. that's the problem with getting up early, more hours to get hungry in, hmm. I had a big breakfast of scrambled eggs and beans so not going to eat until lunch time now, then I'll have a chicken breast/portion of fish (depends what's downstairs in the canteen) and salady stuff, and then have wholewheat pasta with tomato and sausage sauce (that Joe made last night, he cooked - whoa!) before heading to my first class at 19:30. After my class I'll have a banana and a Promax Diet shake... or a Maxi-Milk - OMG they're soooo good!!! They're even tastier than the Promax Diet shakes, which are lovely enough as it is - to give you an idea, maxi-milk tastes like Nesquik, yummm :-D


I wrote all the above hours ago, but then work got in the way ;-)

have just had a packet of Jack Links Beef Jerky, it's quite hard to get hold of... I managed to get Joe to get me a couple of packets from the Threshers off licence near his parent's place in Essex - complicated! They're just the original flavour, which, although nice, is not a patch on the hot and sweet flavour, yummm

I do worry about the amount of salt in those snacks but they're very high protein and high on yum too!

The rest of my supplements order from ZipVit arrived yesterday, I've now got 7 little packets of pills wrapped up in clingfilm, looks very dodgy, but will have to do until my pill organiser arrives! I brought a pack of the Spirulina with me to work as it's recommended to be taken 3 times a day... and I spend most of my life at work, ho hum... ;-)

Still trying to work out what sort of fitness routine I will follow

One thing's for certain, I definitely need to do something about my stomach, it's by far the least toned part of me, which is terrible as I've always prided myself on having a reasonably small stomach! I bought Fab Abs (Six-week Workouts) by the legend that is Anita Bean... and I really want to start it, but then I looked through the book and it all looked a little easy! So what does that say about me? That I won't attempt anything if it doesn't look ridiculously tough?!

I think that's been my main problem in recent years, especially when it comes to gym workouts. I know that if I just got to the gym for a mere half an hour every morning and did something it would make a huge difference to my physique... but then there's the voice in my head who says that 30 mins in a gym is pitiful and what's the point in going for that long as I like to spend hours in there! It's silly really though, because it all adds up, but that's me I guess!

This whole healthy change has been as much about challenging my own daft food and exercise ideas as it has been about eating less and doing more. In some ways I'm my own worse enemy and have to convince myself that what I'm doing is worthwhile and effective! It's all a bit of a mental battle really.

Anyway, enough wittering on, I must go and do some shopping now, need to get some more yummy allinson's malt flour for the breadmaker, plus other good (yet heavy!) items!

might report back later on how BA and BP classes went, if my arms have enough strength to type!!!

TJ x

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