Thursday 18 June 2009

comparison pics - woo hoo - progress! :-)

We're off to a wedding in Southampton this weekend, I'm looking forward to it a lot, not least because I'll finally be able to cut my nails! They're ridiculously long right now, well, for me, I normally have them quite short for typing and climbing (though not at the same time ;-) )

had a bit of a panic as I don't really wear dresses very often, I tend to live in jeans, and most of the dresses I do posses are rather on the small side now!

anyway, as I've been off still convalescing I thought I'd have a rummage through my frock wardrobe (despite not wearing them very often, I have a few nice dresses from my time at House of Fraser, their sample sales were fantastic!!)

I was concerned that nothing would fit but was actually pleasantly surprised to be able to fit into a couple of dresses! I'm going to wear one that I wore to my birthday last year. I'm chuffed I can get into it... okay so it's got lycra, but still, I was about half a stone lighter the last time I wore it.

Anyway, get to the point... right, so I took a pic to show Joe and ask for his opinion and I thought "ooh, actually look quite good in this!" and thought about when was the last time I had a pic of me in a dress. It was in April when I went to a 'back to the 80's' fancy dress party as Princess Di. I'd bought a genuine 1980's Frank Usher frock and was keen to wear it. I tried it on and I thought I looked great. After the pic was taken (pre-party fuelling at a pub), I was horrified at how I looked!!

I've put the two pics side by side for you to see, I hope you'll agree that some progress has definitely been made!

please forgive the messy room, it's my 13 year old's bedroom (he's the only one with a full length mirror) and I was really only taking the pic to show Joe! :-D


  1. Huge progress! That dress looks stunning on you - enjoy the wedding!

  2. Thank you! Lycra is a wonderful thing, love the way it stretches, dress looks way better than anticipated though, looking forward to the bash :-)

  3. Wow girl, you look incredible! Don't ever put down your progress compared to mine ever again! Well done, you look gorgeous and your dress is stunning!

  4. Thank you! :-) I did enjoy being able to get back into it!

    onwards and upwards!! :-)