Monday 29 June 2009

Sheepish of Sheepsville

so I screwed up a bit this weekend... Joe and I went round to friends' place for dinner on Friday... we had a BBQ and, while I considered myself close to saintly for my ability to resist the doughy burger bun... I conveniently neglected to remember the kettle chips I'd scoffed beforehand. The whole exercise in sin was polished off by drinking copious amounts of pink fizz.

I felt like utter shit on Saturday! I basically spent the entirety of it on the sofa watching meaningless TV - son and I watched the first Transformers movie... it was agreeably forgettable... needless to say I won't be venturing to our local cinema to see its sequel!

I've not been drinking alcohol for a while so my tolerance is stupidly low... I thought myself well-behaved to have avoided the absinthe we'd discovered the last time we popped round for dinner... didn't quite realise how much bubbly I'd drank until I woke up the next day and realised I didn't remember much of the journey home! Good old rosé scooter eh?!

anyway, consequently I didn't take pictures, was feeling bleary blotchy and bloated having had a dicky tummy for most of the week - I think I might be sensitive to strawberries, or some other red/pink fruit... hmm, will have to investigate that!

yesterday was the final rehearsal before the big dress and tech rehearsal next week - ARGHH - the whole run of performances has sold out - ARGHH ARGHH ARGHHH!! Soooo scary, though I'm super cool with my lines now and very pleased I don't have to put on a welsh accent again for this part - my own brand of RP will suit me just fine in my role as a georgian laydee. Can't wait to get into my dresses, I have 3! And a lovely long evening coat, sooo sumptious :-D

I'm really looking forward to having some time to myself now, especially since my OU course has finished too. We rehearsed Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday last week and will do the same this week... not in London either, only one in London, the others in Bracknell and Cookham!

Anyway... yesterday I was a bit less than generous with the sun cream and, despite spending *almost* the entire day in the shade... my rare ventures out have resulted in a most splendid rosy red glow to my chest and shoulders. Thank God my awesome Boots No.7 face cream has SPF15 in it or I'd be resembling an out of season reindeer too!

I'm gonna nip off now as I'm walking home, but I've planned my workout for this week. I've split the exercises I mentioned in my current strength training list into four sections, 2 lots of upper and 2 of lower, split by where I can carry them out (i.e. work or local gym). I'll post more soon but off now to walk home in the sooon-sheee-iiiiiine :-D

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