Friday 26 June 2009

an interesting class indeed...

so, on wednesday evening I trotted along to my gym, all psyched up to do body attack and body combat...

when I got there the class before was still piling out, but the new class occupants were sparse indeed. Then I overheard a couple of people saying that it was because the usual instructor wasn't there... alarm bells started ringing but I thought: "well, can still give it a try, this new instructor might be just as good... despite the fact that the studio isn't rammed!" I have to explain - the fitness studios' window face out into the park and you can see the people in the class (this does tend to have a blinding effect on the poor instructor as she's then facing westwards straight out into the glaring sun!), when I've run/cycled past the windows on a Wednesday evening I've seen the studio literally heaving with people... so the fact that there were only five, including myself, who turned up to this lesson, was concerning.

More concerning was the fact that the instructor didn't actually know how to take a Body Attack class, which was revealed just as the music started. My instinct was to think "bugger this" and escape to the weights room, but I thought a) that would be a bit rude and b) I should probably just be a game bird and give it a bash anyway.

The instructor, whose name I've just managed to find out by a bit of internet stalking research, is Mishka Pogoda, was completely nuts... and I don't mean slightly loopy, this lady is totally unhinged... BUT, in the best possible way!! haha I spent the first 10/15 minutes in hysterics as she had us leaping around waving our arms about, shaking our arses, and yelling out various noises. She was relentless, she didn't let us stop moving until the end of the aerobics section!

At first I was bemused, then a little annoyed at the ostensible lack of structure (can you tell I'm used to running for set times/distances and working statically with weights?!), then I started to really enjoy it. The first section just literally flew by and I was hugely red-faced and sweaty and had drunk half a litre of water! After all the arm-waving, hand-clapping and bottom-shaking had finished (all performed while leaping around, our feet were never still for one second!), we then moved onto more of a 'combat' section where we performed boxing/kicking moves, before grabbing some weights and moving through a range of exercises starting with shoulder presses and ending with squats... all performed in a fluid fashion... it was actually good fun!

We finished with stomach work and some good stretches and I felt great at the end of it and I couldn't take the smile off my face!!

I didn't see the point in staying til the next class though as it wouldn't be Body Pump so I went home and some skipping with my new weighted rope, I was rubbish, could only manage 3 sets of 100 and then thought I'd call it a day!

I'd love to do another class with Mishka, the only one I can see at my gym is on the weekend and is called Cardio Bhangra, sounds cool and goes a long way to explain how she's such a great mover, hip action that would put Shakira to shame!

Here are some more pics of her in action during a Bhangrathon!. Looks like soooo much fun!

Looking at this site: there appear to be many different classes of this ilk, I LOVE the sound of Turbo Belly Rave!! hee hee that made me chuckle :-D

anyhoo, I'm guessing I'm going to have to wait until the usual instructor's back at my gym to see what Body Attack and Pump are all about, but in the meantime, I think I might have a look at taking part in some aerobics classes, if I have time to fit them in...!


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