Tuesday 23 June 2009

Lesson learned (...although probably not for long, I give it a day, tops!)

so whose stupid idea was it to put me through a sweat(and almost tear)-inducing lower body workout yesterday and then sign up for spin class at 6.45am?!

oh yeah, it was mine

that was daft, spin was a killer, not least because our ever-smiling friendly-faced sadomasochist instructor was on particularly fine form despite having a stinky cold!

I coughed and gasped for air, sweat so much I had to take my top off (I didhave a sports bra on, mind!) and pretty much hated the whole experience... my lungs burned during the sprints, my quads burned during the hills


whinging aside though it was a bloody good workout and I've felt great all day as a result! and I must say that I'm liking the get-up-early-have-more-of-the-day-ahead-of-you thing. I've been super productive at work today and full of zest and energy and stuff! hurrah!

so yeah, basically

YAY! to getting up early and doing exercise (despite my being ravenous all day!)

BOO! to doing lower body weighted workouts the day before psycho spin class

that being said, I've signed myself up to both Body Combat and Body Attack classes tomorrow night! I know that sounds absurd and ordinarily I wouldn't dream of doing two back-to-back classes and would *much* prefer to take them over different days but unfortunately the evening classes of these are only every Wednesday.

Will try them both out and see which I prefer (and obviously report back :-) )... which means I'll not do any other form of exercise tomorrow day time otherwise I'll be too knackered!

following my post on supplements the other day, I had my first delivery from Just Vitamins. Quite impressed by the packaging - neat little shallow cardboard boxes that go through your letterbox all fine and dandy! the zipped packets are great too. Although I prefer ZipVit's as you can see how many pills you've got left, and the seal is an actual zip across instead of a press-down one, they do look the part! It was very nice to receive my two free packets of CLA, I'd recommend you visit them soon before the BOGOF offer runs out!

Looking forward to getting the rest of my stuff from ZipVit, especially all the free stuff... I do realise you have to buy stuff to get free stuff, but that's what makes buying in bulk such a worthy exercise ;-)


So yesterday I had the misfortune of realising my grip was pathetically weak when it came to holding the 12.5kg dumbbells I use for my lower body workout. I was okay for the first two sets but when it came to the third my grip was failing and the weights were literally slipping out of my hands! Also my forearms were completely rock hard and very sore when I tried to stretch them :-(

I've invested in some wrist straps from the accessory part of Maximuscle's online shop (not just protein shakes, bars and supplements!), as well as some new weight gloves for work (I had to use my cycle gloves yesterday, *not* a good idea, padding in all the wrong places!!) and a nifty looking pill organiser too :-) looking forward to when the delivery boy my boyfriend brings them home from his work (it's a good job he never reads my blog!!)

anyway, I've got to get off now to play rehearsals... only a few weeks to go now, nervous!! especially as all days/nights are sold out!!

I'll be posting again soon with

a) my workout plan - I'm aiming for a 2 week rolling schedule to factor in climbing one week versus club runs the next... it's proving quite challenging to devise!

b) new progress pics (in bikini, quite scary, you'll have to wait til the weekend though, can't be arsed to do my bikini line just yet!!)


TJ x


  1. Looking forward to your progress pics!

    PS. Those classes back to back are gonna whip your butt!! Body attack is killer!!

  2. Body attack rules! I really hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to seeing progress pics, bet you look incredible


  3. Thanks guys :-)

    Progress pics will not be incredible as my legs and hips are still bloody annoyingly huge - although I have actually lost an inch off my thighs since I started this which is pretty incredible for me as they're so stubbornly solidly fat!

    I think my overall shape has definitely improved though and I need the picture incentive to keep me focused :-)

    looking forward to tonight... with some trepidation!