Tuesday 7 July 2009

Psst, forgot to say...

Joe and I have entered the London Pride 10k, it's on Saturday 15th August.

I really can't wait, it's great to have a specific sporting event to train for. I know that Joe will get round in sub 45 mins, easily, all his lower body weight training, plus the hundreds of miles up mountains, have strengthened his legs no end, and over a relatively short distance like that, he'll fly along! I'll be happy if I get 55 mins, though reckon it'll be closer to the hour mark as I've still got a lot of weight to carry round... we'll see though, need to build threshold and long runs into my plans over the next few weeks. Before I got ill I managed the run to work (4 miles) in 35 mins. Victoria Park is flat too, which is good... the first 10k Joe and I did together was in Greenwich Park, which is particularly hilly, although I hadn't realised quite how much - I nearly died after the first 5k!!!

Excited now!! :-D


  1. Oooh! Well done and good luck!

  2. Thanks, I can't wait!

    did a nice easy 5k on the treadmill at work today, my form was great for once, I definitely think that the weight training is helping with that!