Tuesday 12 January 2010

Am I the only freak

who puts black pepper on banana?

It's such a great combination, doesn't taste at all as you'd imagine :-)

This is lovely if you've got a bit of a sweet tooth and a craving for healthy carbs:

1 small-medium banana mushed spread thickly over two Kallo organic no-added salt thick wholegrain rice cakes

(the black pepper is optional but if you've not tried it, why not give it a go?! :-) )

Guilt-free snacking at around 150 cals, nice :-)



  1. It would never occur to me to try it but now I want to!

  2. No, but I'm gonna! I love mashed banana! Thanks for the tip :)

  3. Hmmm...not so sure about black pepper. Maybe a lot of chocolate on top of the banana would be a better choice :D.

  4. JAG and Jill (I feel a nursery rhyme coming on...!! ;-) )

    let me know what you think!

    Tony... Mmmm grated dark chocolate.. yummm


    Pepper works trust me, I don't know why it does but it just does!! ;-)