Thursday 14 January 2010

Wellies are smelly, boots are best ;-)

Wow, what a difference a day makes!

This was my road on Wednesday:

And here it was the next morning!

(less pristine, more slushy, more damp, blerghh!)

This morning it was totally snow free - hurrah!

Sorry, I'm sure we've all had enough of the snow to last us a lifetime, it's just such a novelty, I've lived in London all my life and can't remember there ever being this much snow for so long!

Anyway, it seems that the snow is just an excuse for Londoners to parade their new brightly coloured wellies about... it used to be that people just wore them for mud, then it was festivals (although that counts as mud I guess) and now it's snow too!

Whyyy? I can understand if you're in it up to 1/2 a foot deep, but it never gets that deep in London! Wellies have rubbish grips, it's hilarious to see such wearers slipping about on the snow and ice all for the sake of fashion!

Personally I think everyone should make like me and wear a beat up old pair of Brasher Hiking boots, like these beauties:


Rugged soles? Aggressive soles more like!! These bad boys never slip or slide, they're 100% waterproof - basically they're absolutely fabulous and I'd highly recommend you get a pair :-)

These boots have trekked up numerous hills and a few mountains to boot, including Scafell Pike and Helvellyn!!

Okay so they need a bit of a clean, just found a picture of what they should look like new

*Slight* difference there, heh ;-)

Ahh well, I have had them about 6 years at least!

Anyway, I don't really have anything much of interest to say, I'm just killing time as my friend's on her way over to pick me up, we're off to my old stomping ground for a drink and a bite to eat in a fab pub that does awesome steak so more about that later!

I've been a good girl today though and did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred this morning (FAB DVD, will have to review soon once I've moved up a level!) and at lunch I did some skipping and arm weights - rock on!

Will try and break the habit of a lifetime and actually blog over the weekend, it should be a quiet one so hopefully will get back on and tell you about life lately :-)

Have a happy Friday everyone

TJ x

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