Saturday 9 January 2010

A tasty mess :-)

Just thought I'd share my lunch with you - and no, not in a mother/baby bird kinda way ;-)

I've mentioned before that I buy Two Chicks liquid egg whites because they come in a good size carton, seem to be sold more and more locally and, most importantly, come from free range hens (very important to me as I wouldn't buy barn eggs for usual every day use!).

Anyway, despite the cartons being a handy size I still manage to waste a lot of the egg white as I open it and then don't use it within the three days it recommends!

So what I've been doing is spooning out 10 tablespoon portions into mini tubs and then freezing them so they're ready when I need them (only thing is you have to be careful when defrosting not to turn them into scrambled eggs!! ;-) )

So today, while the boys were making cheese on toast I whizzed up some egg white, cheese, a little bit of milk, Tabasco sauce (essential) and black pepper (also essential).

I usually add either Maximuscle Promax Diet or Promax Natural to my egg white pancakes/omelettes but today I forgot to put either in and it was equally lovely!

I think I'll leave the natural protein powder out of my savoury omelettes in future as it does nothing for the flavour and can make them a bit carboardy. Plus I need to keep the Promax Natural back for my lunches as it adds protein and creamyness :-)

Promax Diet is lovely in sweet protein pancakes as it gives them extra flavour and can counteract the sometimes tart quality of all the berries I use. Incidentally I rarely use fresh berries as (thanks to a tip-off from the all-knowing and wise Gym Ninja) frozen berries are much better as you can buy them in bulk from supermarkets, they act like fruity ice cubes and don't go off because they're in the freezer - I think I need a *bigger* freezer!

Arghh, sorry I'm waffling, Joe's sitting angrily strumming his guitar as I need to get on and do some household chores with him (yawn) instead of blogging.

So yeah, here's what I made... it doesn't look pretty as I had the pan on the wrong ring and it was too hot (you reeeeeally need to gently heat omelettes!) and one side cooked too quickly causing a big mess when I tried to flip it.

Bloody tasty though, got thumbs up from both the boys, you'd never have guessed that no egg yolks were harmed in the making of this feature:

Here's the nutritional info:

Calories (kcal) 239.8
Carbohydrate (g) 3.0
Protein (g) 31.0
Fat (g) 11.0
Fibre (g) 2.7

And here's the recipe, courtesy of the fab tools at Weightloss Resources if anyone's interested (any Brits, please note that Sainsbury's reduced fat 'davidstow' cheese is bloody gorgeous and doesn't taste like at all like it's not full fat!)

I think I'll make the same thing tomorrow but add some mushrooms and peppers for good effect, that's if my sweet-tooth doesn't take over ;-)

Hope you all have a great Saturday



  1. It looks... it looks... okay, it looks like somebody threw up on a plate. But I'm sure it tastes good. ;)

  2. lol! Yeah, you got me, it does look like the kind of thing I clean up when my cats have eaten something dodgy... ;-)

    I guess I should really have entitled this post "Food you eat with your eyes closed"!

    Hey, at least it's good for you.

  4. lol don't worry Chris, he has got a point, it *does* look a little like it's been chucked up...

    (although not by a human obviously as there are no carrots in it ;-) )

  5. Freezing in mini portions is a great idea!

  6. OMG I *heart* those 2Chicks egg whites so much. I used to loathe wasting the eggs before so I would only have a couple of eggs at a time. There's only one supermarket that stocks them near me though so I have to STOCKPILE them and drag them home on the train. Handy that they can be frozen though :-)

    Oh oh oh was in the newsagents in the train station today looking for a magazine to buy and I picked up Fitness & Health and a pamphlet fell out of it onto the floor...mutter mutter sez I only to pick it up and see that it was a Maximuscle pamphlet and sure enough there you were on it....I nearly jumped up and down in the shop...*sad* I bought the magazine (it was sh1t) but the Maximuscle thing was interesting :-)