Tuesday 12 January 2010

January Detox - Tasty Trade-offs :-)

If, like me, you might have indulged a teeensy bit too much over this festive period and are letting your liver recover, as well as the rest of your body, here are a couple of worthy-of-note drink substitutes it might be worth considering in place of coffee and beer :-)

Bavaria (the name is a bit of a misnomer as it comes from Holland!) contains: Purest Mineral Water, Barley Malt, Wheat, Hops

That's it.

It also has less than 80 cals per 330ml and tastes great!

BarleyCup contains:

Roasted barley, rye & chicory.

And that's also it.

Although it obviously doesn't have the 'kick' that real coffee has, it's pretty damn tasty, doesn't leave a nasty bitter aftertaste and you can drink it at night without worrying that you'll be kept awake!

So nice healthy alternative choices to help make January less painful for those going without :-)


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