Tuesday 17 February 2009

Measuring up

I haven't taken any pictures yet, my intention is to find a bikini I like, in a size 10, and then photograph myself in it regularly over the next few months... to (hopefully) document my weightloss and shaping up.

I have to concede, grudgingly, that I *will* have to do sit-ups, cardio work will help to shift the fat but you can only tone so much with it. I might opt for the pilates approach as that is a most useful way of improving muscle tone as it concentrates on your core strength.

I should do pilates anyway, every athlete should, having a strong core as paramount in supporting all the sections of your body used when exercising. Pilates is super easy to do, you just need to be bothered to in the first place, the benefits far outweigh any effort you might need to put in.

I might look into a class at my local gym, it's always easier to get motivated when you have to physically *take* yourself somewhere to work out, when at home, the lure of the sofa is far too great... :-)

Anyway, here's how I measured up on Valentine's Day:

Weekly Measurements

Date: 14/02/2009
Weight: 11st 3.75lbs
BMI: 24 (it had crept up to 24.6... 25 is overweight which is what kick-started me into sorting my weight and shape out)
Upper arm: 13"
Below Bust: 30.5"
Stomach: 30.5"
Hips: 37"
Butt: 44"
Upper thigh: 25"
Lower thigh: 17.5"
Upper calf: 15"

I should have started this blog last week actually, as I was 11st 6lbs, but I started using the Maximuscle Promax Diet milkshakes, as well as slimfast milkshakes (which I need to use up as they're revoltingly sweet!) and have dropped a couple of pounds already :-)

I'll elaborate more on the slimfast vs promax in my next post...

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