Friday 20 February 2009

Wolé Adesemoye - the boy done good ;-)

When I was much younger, (i.e. late teens) I used to train at a gym in Chelsea as my son went to nursery nearby and it gave me a break. I did get down to quite worrying 8st 8lbs at one point... I do have a tendency to overdo things if I'm not careful!

Anyway, one of the gym trainers was Wolé Adesemoye, lovely guy, a real man-mountain but total gentle giant :-)

I stopped going to the gym when I realised I had to get my act together and get some qualifications under my belt.

I saw him a couple of years ago in Fulham and learned that he'd joined the fire brigade, but haven't kept in contact since unfortunately.

Anyway, about a month or so ago I was watching the new series of Last Man Standing, which I watched the first time around, (great series, found it impossible to dislike any of the contenders, they'd done a fantastic job at selecting them), and who should I see on the screen but Wolé! Apparently he won, which is just awesome!

Then I discover that he's endorsing the Maximuscle product range, which is great, but I must admit to being slightly cynical because I know that he's always looked that good, lol! I doubt that the products, as high in quality as they are, can really take too much credit for his fab physique ;-)

And now, he's started his own Personal Training business!

I'm so pleased for him, I know it's his first love and was surprised when he gave up the gym, but then I'm pretty sure the pay at Chelsea Sports Centre was far from sustainable, everyone knows that gym staff get paid a pretty shit wage.

Now, with his new high profile, he'll be able to command a far better salary. What a bright future he has ahead of him and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!

Well done Wolé!


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