Wednesday 18 February 2009

Sorry, but you're perfectly normal!

This sounds like such a cop-out, but I was actually genuinely concerned about there might be something other than excessive quantities of good red wine and large food portions, that might have contributed to my putting on 2 stone in the space of a single year!

So I took myself off to my lovely GP last week and she ran blood tests for just about everything! I had both my liver and kidney functions looked at, as well as the (obvious) thyroid activity levels...

well, I spoke to her today and my tests have come back fine.

So I'm in a bit of a paradox now, as while this is obviously exactly what I should want to hear, I suppose it does mean that I really do actually have to take full responsibility for the fact that I have done this to myself, and cannot attribute it to influences beyond my control, grr

ahh well, of course I'm happy that I don't have an underactive thyroid which would require medical treatment for life, or indeed anything more sinister, but now I have nothing and nobody to blame, except for myself!!



  1. I like your healthy body weight checker on the side of this page.

  2. Funny! Glad you are healthy though.

  3. Thanks! I like it, it's far more brutal than most of the UK ones I've tried, that tell me it's perfectly acceptable to get to nearly 12 stone and be within your 'ideal weight' range... how is it 'ideal' to have thighs that actually overlap each other when I walk, nevermind rub! and a belly that hangs over my belt? very unattractive and not to mention uncomfortable!

  4. Cheers, Rebecca, it definitely is a relief to know that this is only a temporary state, and one that I can 'fix', like Winston Churchill famously (probably mis-)quoted as retorting to the accusation: "Sir, you are drunk."

    "And you, madam, are ugly. But in the morning, I shall be sober."

    that tickles me ;-)

    obviously it'll take me a lot longer than one morning to recover from a whole year's excesses, but I'm on the right track!