Friday 20 February 2009

Workout Wallets

Weight Loss Resources, the rather fabulous site I've mentioned before, that I've used for the past 5 years or so to help me avoid the usual food nutritional value guestimation pitfalls, has a pretty damn good sister site called Diet and Fitness Resources.

Their prices are pretty good and, aside from the usual bog standard stuff like fitness equipment, diet and cook books etc... they also sell food diaries, and, more importantly for me, Workout Wallets!

These things are fantastic, seriously! I've been using them for ages and they're a great point of reference for seeing how well you're progressing.

Definitely more suited for people who like to weight train as there's a big section devoted to strength workouts, where you can enter your weight and number of repetitions. You get 13 double sided cards, strong enough to write on without needing to lean on anything really, and they're all in a handy A5 wallet (like the name dictates ;-) ) which you can put your pens and gym card, mobile etc in... I've seen loads of people at my gym casting interested/envious looks at them haha, they really look the part!

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