Tuesday 24 February 2009

No time, no time!

I'm not sure if it's something in my nature, but I do have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew!

I've not done any serious training for weeks, and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms!

There are excuses reasons though:
  • I have a zillion and one things at work I need to complete by the end of February (i.e. this week - gulp!), we have a new big boss and the concept of deadlines has been introduced... it's a scary thing to go from such a laissez-faire place to one that operates like an actual real-life office!

  • I was ill for nearly two weeks, this and hurting the back of my calf have put paid to my Flora London Marathon aspirations :'-( (I had planned to do my first marathon before I was 30 but this looks unlikely... fortunately I got a place via the ballot so can defer it til next year when I should be slimmer, fitter and stronger! ;-) )

  • I have recently discovered that I have parts in two plays! one of which is in Pride & Prejudice, I'm going to play Charlotte Lucas, which I'm very very chuffed about as it's the part I auditioned for :-D I think she'll be a great part to play as I think she's probably the character that develops the most throughout the play... she starts as a shy girl, 'on the shelf' as it were at the oh-so old-age of 27(!), but then capitalises on her opportunity to escape poverty by marrying a somewhat nauseating specimen of a man, and then proceeds to find ways in which to keep him occupied so that she can enjoy her new, more comfortable, life!
  • the first play will be performed in the last week of April, and P&P will be in July, so from this point until then I will be learning lines and rehearsing!

  • I am studying with the Open University (OU) for a degree in Computing with Business as they are both areas that interest me greatly. I sort of bypassed the whole 'leave school, go to sixth form, go to uni' thing by leaving school at 15 and then having a child at 16 (seems I've spent a lot of my life defying convention!) not that it has prevented me from getting a good job, but then I am a pretty determined and ambitious individual!
  • However, I'm only in the very first part of my degree journey, and it's bloody tough! Finding the time to just study, let alone complete the coursework is very tricky indeed and so many of my assignments are completed in the 11th hour, oh dear! I'll get the hang of it one day!!

So there you go, excuses for lack of activity on the training front. However, in my defense, I have cycled to and from work over the last 3 days, and will probably do so all week if I can.

I was greatly looking forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow, but have just realised that I have a training day out of the office tomorrow, followed by a play rehearsal in the evening...

no time, no time!!


  1. wow, you do have a lot going on!!

    Congrats on the plays!

  2. Thanks! first rehearsal for play no.1 tonight, don't know my lines yet (whoops!) but it's only a small part and I've got plenty of time :-)