Wednesday 18 February 2009

(Yesterday's) Food, Thoughts & Training

I'm going to attempt to keep a daily food and fitness diary... what will inevitably happen is that I'll forget or run out of time during the day so it'll be a belated update, lol

I'll also write down my thoughts too as how I feel about what I eat and how I look is the main reason I'm actually doing this!

So, for yesterday...


Strawberry slim-fast shake... yes I know I'm anti the evil milky sugar fest that is slim-fast, but I do have a few tins I need to use up! As I don't eat breakfast til quite late in the morning, there isn't too long to wait until my more filling and satisfying maximuscle shake

I met an old friend for coffee at lunch, it was fab, haven't seen her for about 18 years!! thankfully I'd nipped into Holland and Barrett beforehand so had a Promax Meal bar ready to hand, else I *definitely* would have succumbed to the panini temptation! This isn't the same as the Promax Diet Meal Bar which I would have bought had they stocked it... curious to see if there's any difference in taste/efficacy as they're around the same mark on the calorie and fat front... hmmm I'm a big cynic when it comes to gimmicky goods and tend to be wary of 'clever labelling'!!

my lovely boyfriend cooked us rice with salmon and stir-fried veg, very tasty and low in fat

I did however undo most of my good work yesterday by drinking almost a whole bottle of red wine to myself, ho hum...


This is unfortunately going to take a back-seat until after my uni assignment is handed in next week. Added to that, I've got been well at all and am just getting over my residual chesty cough.

that said, I have booked myself into a rather absurdly early spin class tomorrow morning, so let's see how that goes!


most annoyed at the amount of vino I polished off, it was rather lovely though and doesn't happen very often. my boyfriend and I have tried to almost eradicate mid-week drinking, and have done rather well (until now!)

very pleased though at my show of will-power at the coffee shop, the paninis and muffins did look rather good!!

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