Thursday 19 February 2009

(Yesterday's) Food, Thoughts & Training

I was off work to study and had a good day yesterday with regards to my food discipline (wish my study ethic was the same!). I think I find it harder at work because, let's face it, sitting in front of a PC all day is hardly the most riveting of pursuits... even if you actually do enjoy your job, like I do. I get restless and look for things to snack on...

anyway, yesterday:

well, actually I slept in til quite late yesterday, probably due to the stupid amount of wine I knocked back the night before, and therefore missed breakfast. I'm not normally that naughty and have made sure that I've eaten breakfast for about 4 months now... quite literally breaking the habit of a lifetime! Talk about a bad one to have! I can't eat straight away first thing though, I have to wake up a little first...

This was going to be a milkshake but there was some of that yummy rice and salmon that b/f cooked the night before so I thought I'd finish that off, rather tasty it was too :-)

I got rather hungry around 5pm, I usually do around 4/5pm, probably afternoon 'dip', so had some carrots and celery... I don't usually go for quite that much in the way of rabbit food but mother hubbard's cupboard was bare! I tend to avoid eating naughty treats by simply not buying them. This benefits my son as well as me as if there is anything remotely snack like in the house he'll eat the lot... multi-packs of crisps an all!

b/f and I went to the movies last night. Our local cinema is pretty damn sweet, not only can you take your alcoholic drinks in with you to the movie, they have a rather decent café restaurant place that does gorgeous pizzas, nice.

we shared pitta and olives and I had a parma ham and rocket pizza, not laden with cheese and definitely not deep pan. not the healthiest of options but I had been rather good so didn't feel too guilty about it :-) we also shared some popcorn and I had a pint of becks 4%, avoided the vino and opted for a Chai Latte... I'm sure it had more calories but it was more about being able to wake up in the morning and function that I was concerned about!

Well, there was none of that! I did walk for half an hour to and from the cinema, but that was hardly taxing!

Very pleased at my restraint. I'm not going to beat myself up about having a pizza and popcorn, I don't do it every day and, quite frankly, I've not embarked on this to make myself miserable! If something is too difficult it's unlikely to be something you can maintain for any length of time!

The movie was fantastic btw, we went to see Slumdog Millionaire, it did what it said on the tin, it was a real feel-good movie, but not in the conventional slushy mushy cliché sense. Indeed, there were parts of it that made me feel far from good! Brutal but hilarious at times, and very very poignant. A beautifully made film, I'll definitely be watching that again!

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