Wednesday 16 September 2009


Ploughing through pics in preparation for this weekend's Maximuscle Body of 2009 comp submission...

the problem is that I've deleted all my 'fat' pics that were taken by my camera because I was so horrified with how I looked!

Because of that I'm having to rely on Joe's pics taken by his digital SLR earlier this year as I won't have been allowed to delete them - he's funny about things like that ;-) there are loads he's taken though (not all of me mind!) and they're at least 5MB each so it's taking *forever* to upload and access them!

I found the pic above which made me laugh though... the sneaky thing took a pic of my arse while he was over for the weekend of Pride & Prejudice! Just goes to show how good his camera is though as he was bloody far away at the time of taking it!!

For once, I actually like a picture of my bottom! It's actually smaller and shaplier than that now as that was taken in July, but still pleased nonetheless

I'm putting together some 'comparison' shots for earlier this year and more recently - e.g. this pic of me in April at my friend's birthday party compared with one of the ones taken the other day:

I got a shock looking back on some of those pics, no wonder I'd deleted my own ones, can't believe how much rounder my face was! Just goes to show what a few months and some bloody hard work can bring about :-)

off to bed now, hope you're all well



  1. Wit woo, nice ass girl! I can't believe the change in shape of your face, you look gorgeous!


  2. LOL, lovely arse! Nice boat race too!

  3. Wow such a difference - can't wait to see the rest of the pics :D

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments :-) I'm thrilled with my progress so far, just wish it hadn't taken me so bloody long to get my act together!!!