Thursday 17 September 2009

I don't usually use the 'c' word

...but for James Martin I'd be quite willing to make an exception!!

what a complete arsehole, disgusting behaviour >:-(


  1. Twat! Seriously.. what an idiot.

  2. What would have been great would have been for Fatty Martin to meet a slow moving tractor round the next bend with no overtaking lane. I wonder how smug he would have been then when the Lycra-clad Spidermen caught him. Those 'stupid' cleated shoes would make a nice mess of the motor's bodywork I reckon. I wonder how he would have explained that when returning the motor....fuckin' cake eating northern twat.

  3. I'm not into cycling (in fact I always try and avoid being seen in public with my dad when he's in his full cycling garb - am a v bad daughter!!) but I hate these Clarkson-esque outbursts from all these "Car Is King types.

    He always makes 'orrible food on Saturday Kitchen as well!