Monday 7 September 2009

back in the U of K

okay so that doesn't really make sense but I couldn't think of a better post title


I'm back (as you've already guessed prior to that emphatic greeting)

I'm gutted at being back, but back nonetheless. No disrespect to good old blighty but I think I might be falling in love with France and French people - even if they do smoke too much (my paragliding instructor smelled of stale fags... he was dead cute and sensitive though which made up for it - a bit!)

(God I hope Joe never reads this blog haha, he does make a token effort sometimes and scans it but I think I waffle far too much for his liking ;-) )

Anyway, I can't really post too much as I'm at my place of employment but I wanted to say that I haven't forgotten a) you guys and b) my mission - i.e. Maximuscle Body of 2009!

I may have been neglecting to post as much as I should, and appearing to be eating more and exercising less but appearances can be deceptive and having spent a week on an activity holiday I can say that I'm feeling fab... even if I did probably consume more than my body weight 10 times over in red wine (not my fault I hasten to add - if a 2002 bottle of Bordeaux costs 5 freakin euros!!!)

so, will give you a blow-by-blow account of my rather fabuloso holiday later (hopefully) when I'm home and have dealt with the boring shit like the mountain of dirty smelly clothes that we've got to wash and hang up, blerghhhh - in some ways a beach holiday would have been better as it would just be bikinis to wash and I'd be more tanned!!

I also need to upload piccies from my camera so will do that too

in the meantime, here's a few pics that I took with my rubbish Blackberry phone camera (apologies for poor image quality but I doubt it's even 2 megapixels worth!!)

Here is the view from the top of Mont Chery, if you squint real hard at the screen you can see Mont Blanc in the background - it's the white blurry pointy thing


I have taken some pretty sweet ones from the day we actually managed to paraglide/pente and will upload them soon :-)

This one's slightly better... here's the view from halfway up Mont Chery. We went there on Tuesday morning to paraglide but the wind was blowing too strongly in the wrong direction so I suggested we walk all the way down the mountain - it was fun but harder work than I thought - we cycled back up it later that day, but more about that at another time ;-)

and here, for your entertainment, is the largest 'Baby'Bel I've ever seen - my son looks suitably impressed too - and Joe's demonstration of just how much fun can be had with a single orange peel.... hmm

all the above demonstrates is that my boyfriend is rather 'special' and my son needs a haircut... but refuses... he's going to get all emo on me soon, I can just see it happening!

that's enough for phone pics, they're a bit pants, the camera ones are much better :-)

speak soon!



  1. Beautiful pics! I visited a mountain in the pyrenees that looked just like that this summer also! Its worth the mountain of laundry!

    Glad you are back with us!

  2. Thanks!! :-)

    much better pics to follow, I promise! I'm quite glad the paragliding was called off the first time as I remembered my actual camera when we did it on Saturday and I managed to take lots of pics from really high up - i.e. waaaaay above the ski-lifts!!

    well, before my fingers froze anyway, was freezing up that high!!

  3. Welcome back!

    I would have been sampling that wine no end!

  4. haha, yeah, I had to take a day off drinking on Friday as I'd literally drank myself ill - not a good state of affairs!!

  5. That's one motherlode of a Babybel! More photos please :o)

  6. Went to switzerland once, Mountains were beautiful, the little towns were perfect, and even the cows were pretty.....too much perfection for me. Love the mountain pix, beautiful. I'm from america, so what does...the phone pictures are 'pants' mean? Cultural exchange is da bomb.

  7. the cows were tres pretty (see what I did there ;-) ) haha - I loved the bells, it was all so serene :-)

    'pants' means rubbish... well, actually do americans say rubbish or is it trash? I don't know, it's funny how regional expressions can be! I just mean that they're a bit pooh, a bit crappy - a big pile of poohey pants - although here in the UK pants means underwear, not trousers

    arghhhh confusing!!!