Sunday 30 August 2009

even' all!

sat here in the bar area of our hotel - have commandeered the laptop while the boys play pool, this place is fab, it's like a youth hostel. for dinner we all had the same thing - a basket of bread, beef and mushroom stew with rice (yum but needed some chilli sauce or at the least a bit of tabasco

I actually love it down here in the bar, the décor is a cross between youth hostel and old people's home... big dilapidated sunken sorry leather sofas and chairs... a pool table you have to physically lift up and shake to get the balls out and more chintz you could shake a stick at!

I'm loving the reviews of this place, especially those on Trip Advisor, the disparity between the feelings towards this joint:

"This 'hotel' is a dump, more like a poor hostel"


"Fantastic location, helpful friendly staff, good food,clean and comfortable accomodation[sic]"

My feelings veer more towards the latter viewpoint... this place is not plush by any stretch of the imagination but it doesn't claim to be anything other than a budget hotel!! Look at the info on Alpine Element's own site.

So I had no expectations other than for a place that was in a great location and was clean... I'm more than pleased with what we've got, the whole package, flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast, tea and 3 course dinner, plus all the activities, came to about £400 per person!!

anyhoo, we've booked paragliding for tomorrow and we've been told our mountain bikes are available free from monday to wednesday and we're doing the white water rafting on thursday.

hilariously, if we want to swim in the big pools in Morzine (a 10 min bus ride away) then the boys have to wear speedos!!!

if we swim in the lake it doesn't matter if they're in baggy shorts.

right, I'm being yelled at to get off the laptop and being called a geek blogger... a bit rich considering my other half is a software developer for UBS and my son is a complete computer game addict... hmmm

I'll leave you with some pics from last week's V festival but first here's me after the paint fight at Secret Garden Party last year and Joe in his mullet and tennis band haha!

And here's me, Joe and some friends from last week's V festival (I had to buy the cowboy hat on the second day as I burnt the top of my head really badly on the first!!):

speak soon



  1. All of your activities sound swesome! Enjoy!

  2. are you in france in the alps? I have been to bavaria but not that part of france. Hysterical that they require your sons to wear speedos. I think when you look at comments, your more likely to find people who travel often less exacting in decor and more exacting in cleanliness and comfort. Have fun on your vacay.

  3. hiya, sorry for delayed response, not actually been able to get on much despite the free wi-fi! Yes, we were in the French Alps - in Les Gets which is close to Morzine (apparently everyone has heard of Morzine but not Les Gets... I'd not heard of either until a few weeks ago!!)

    fortunately my son didn't need to suffer the ignominy of speedos as we never actually made it to the swimming pool in Morzine - but went to a beautiful lake in Les Gets where they didn't mind that he was in shorts - mainly because there was nobody there! It was so late in the season, the lifeguards had called it a day!

    The 'charm' of the hotel wore off a little unfortunately, due to poor management, unimaginative meals, rowdy staff and a lack of hot water for the last 2 days - oh well - the rest of the holiday was bloody marvellous! :-)