Thursday 6 August 2009

Operation M-BOT - Four Week Fat Attack - Days 3 and 4

Before I start, look at this video clip that Wolé Adesemoye has posted on Facebook:

I want power like that!!!

I'm so gutted I can't even do one flipping chin-up yet on my brand spanking new Power Bar.

Incidentally, don't buy this if you have week door frames as it'll pull them off! I tried this on every door frame in the house and I heard some awful cracking noises... now that made me feel nice and light... NOT!

The only door frame it fits securely on is our dining room, and as our reception room has a load of crap piled in front of it that desperately needs freecycling, we only have that door to use... which means Joe has to duck (I know I could take the bar off but then I'd probably never use it again, I'm like that, it has to be blatantly staring me in the face or it will get ignored) every time he goes under... although that's a nice form of payback for me nearly knocking myself out on countless occasions because of his bike hanging in the bloody hallway!

sorry, whinge over :-)

yesterday was fun. After my hospital appointment (which was farcical at best... more like something out of a carry on film, but more about that perhaps another day!) I met up with a friend of mine and went to look at a property she was considering putting in an offer for. It's a dinky place but it's in a really great location, and she has separate kitchen, living room, bedroom etc - plus a little patio garden at the back - perfect!

After the viewing we went and debriefed in this great bar called Licorice. I've only been there once before, during a night out, and only because the pubs were closed... that might give you some idea as to my level of intoxication... didn't really remember the place much other than the name and the fact that it does yummy cocktails. It also does really nice food too, and not too pricey either.

I needed to eat. As I'm now eating smaller meals more frequently.... I need to do just that... eat smaller meals more frequently!

Before I left the hospital yesterday I realised I was famished so went into the shop inside. It's a dieter's nightmare! There was nothing that looked even remotely healthy, except the lower fat crisp options but I'm steering clear of potato crisps as much as I can because I've learned that potato starch is a larger contributor to tooth decay than sugar!

And then I saw it, a snack that I used to occasionally munch on in the most virtuous manner, halo intact... ahh, the Eat Natural bar - the saintly apricots and almonds in a yogurt coating. I used to love this bar.

It was fucking revolting

Seriously, have my tastes changed that much? If so, how stupid am I not to recognise that 'yogurt coating' is code for 'smothered in sugar'?!

I actually couldn't finish it, and that's not me being over dramatic (for a change! ;-) )

Anyway, that sugary hell put me in the right frame of mind for some savoury goodness. licorice do some nice sounding main meals but I fancied some sharey thingies so ordered flat bread with hummus and guacamole, king prawns (still in shells), itsy bitsy spicy sausages and what was apparently calamari... I think it was definitely squid, but strips instead of rings and just in batter, not breadcrumbs. Really tasty though and I'd imagine the larger surface area meant that it was 'healthier' all round... perhaps... maybe ;-)

Anyway, long story short, after much badgering coercion from me the brave lass picked up the phone and called the estate agent back to make an offer - hurrah! Mission accomplished.

Bit of a hitch today as the vendor neglected to mention that she still owns the property with her ex so has to seek permission to accept the offer first - but she's keen so that's a plus... fingers crossed it all goes through :-)

So I have no idea as to my calorie intake. It probably wasn't that bad in terms of food, a bit more fat than I'd have liked, but not too bad.

Basically it was:

M1: Vanilla and Chocolate Promax Diet shake
M2: Quorn, quinoa, tomato and spinach
M3: Revoltingly sweet Eat 'Natural' bar
M4: mixed sharing things, calamari, prawns, flatbread & dips and mini sausages
M5: hmm
M6: err
Drinks: coffee, not enough water, 1 large and 1 small glass of pinot grigio and 2 dark rum and diet cokes
Fruit & Veg: not much
Exercise: none

So, onto today

I think actually I didn't eat nearly enough so was ravenous today! Also, I did my Lower Body Workout No.2 at work today so was fuelling for that :-)

Today was pretty nondescript, apart from the fact that London's currently drowning! In my early post I was questioning sandals as a sensible footwear choice... this evening my suspicions were vindicated as the heavens opened, and then forgot to lock back up!

It had only been raining for about 20 mins when I finally got home... soaked through due to the rain actually raining through my brolly! The water was up to the kerb already. I tried to take a pic with the woefully inadequate camera on my phone but it was rubbish so won't bother posting, you'll have to take my word for it!

So, here's me for the day:

M1: Vanilla and chocolate promax diet shake
M2: Nakd bar - berry cheeky
M3: salmon and cous cous salad
M4: Babybel light and 20g Almonds
M5: 150g light cottage cheese and 3 x pumpkin and sunflower seed Ryvita crispbreads
M6: bolognaise and 140g sweet potato mash
F&V: 10.2
Drinks: coffee, 2 lires water, 330ml Bavaria 0% lager, and 1 x vodka and diet coke
Exercise: Lower Body Workout No.2

off to bed, too close to 1am!

Night x


Forgot to put down cals etc, Joe was nagging me to go to bed!

Total Cals: 1713.4 (I ate too much, I think because I didn't consume enough food yesterday so was just ravenous all day!)

Carbohydrate: 145.9g (32.3%)
Protein: 124.2g (29.3%)
Fat: 66.6g (35.4%)
Alcohol: (0.9 units) 7.4g (3.1%)
F&V Portions: 10.2


  1. So with you on the yogurt-coated bars being revolting; they're always faaaar too sickly-sweet.

  2. I used to love them though, truly, I thought they were the tastiest things ever!