Friday 14 August 2009

Still here...

Have been mega busy this week so haven't had a chance to post - mainly because I know that once I get typing I don't stop!

So I'm going to keep this brief and hopefully get a post in after my 10k race

my food has been a lot better this week, I've been logging practically everything in (I'm not so good when it comes to eating out as I don't know how many calories the food has but I've been making healthier choices :-) ).

I'm off in a mo to do my 2nd upper body workout - this one with free weights, and I'm loving how much stronger I am of late. I've upped my machine weights so am doing 42.5kg on the lat pull down and low row, 22.5kg on the shoulder press, 32.5kg on the bench press (though only for one set - I had to go back down to 30kg for the final two) and 25kg on the pec deck - oh and 20kg on the triceps pulldown... can't remember the rest as I'm at work - my rotator cuff extensions are quite low still as it's such a subtle movement and they're going to stay that way, same as my dumbbell lateral and front raises - just 5kg for now, gently does it :-) 7kg for my triceps kick-backs and sticking to 9kg on biceps concentration curl, seated shoulder press and upright rows - 12.5kg on my lower body dumbbell workout and also my side rows

man I started waffling again, must stop!

right, I will go now as need to get to the gym, will let you all know how I get on with my race - it's the farthest I've run in absolutely ages - I ran 5+ miles round my local (hilly!) park on Sunday and that nearly killed me so hopefully the flat surface of Victoria Park will be kinder to me...

Laters x

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