Monday 3 August 2009

Operation M-BOT - Four Week Fat Attack - Day 1

Wow, this is actually my fourth post of the day, I'm somewhat impressed with myself! :-D

Okay so I need to type this up and go to bed very soon as my arms feel like achy bags of sand, the sweat has turned to salt on my forehead and my eyelids are drooping! (nice imagery huh?) to top it all off Firefox is pissing me off big time - why do I have a lag on my text... I know I used to be a secretary but I don't type that quickly do I?!!

Today was day one of the Fat Attack stage of Operation M-BOT (clue's in the blog title I hear you scream?!) which stands for Maximuscle Body Of 2009. I have decided that if I'm to stand any chance in the Maximuscle Body of 2009 comp then I need to start aggressively attacking my No.1 nemesis - Fat!

You see, this whole thing is beginning to get a little heartbreaking. I'm making real progress with my weight training and I can see the muscle taking shape - it's just that it's blanketed by these layers of fat which threaten to almost engulf it in places - it's not fair!

Don't get me wrong, I like my body a *whole* lot more than I used to, and I appreciate that my fat is of a nicer shape than it used to be, but this is owes more than a little thanks to the lovely toned muscles forming underneath. Also, I'd hate to lose the two lumps of fat just at the bottom of my back, yes, my butt, I *love* having a well-formed butt, it's very peachy at the mo :-D It's just the lumpy cottage cheese bits of fat that I could do without thank you very much!!

So, today began the start of my 4 Week Fat Attack where I'm going to do my darnedest to a) eat well b) train well and c) tell you all about it without boring the socks off you!

Day 1 went really quite well. I have decided to eat six meals a day (obviously not large meals!) and that is working out for me as I'm managing to avoid any hunger-induced naughty snack-attacks and have kept ticking along at a nice level.

I was meant to get home reasonably early, cook our dinner and then head straight to the gym before it closed for an upper body weight session followed by a run on the treadie. However, I didn't get back early enough and I was only able to do my weights session in the gym before I got turfed out as it was closing...

BUT I did go straight back out and do a 3.4 mile run - woo hoo!

Very pleased with myself as the sofa looked oh so comfy :-)

In terms of my food, I will be trying to log what I eat every day but you'll have to be easy on me as I'm a bit rubbish at this all to be frank.

Anyway, will give it a bash

Breakfast: Maximuscle Promax Diet Bar in Chocolate Orange Flavour
Snack: Jack link's Beef Jerky - Peppered
Lunch: Mince beef, quinoa, spinach and tomatoes
Snack: 150g low fat cottage cheese
Dinner: mega veg-laden stir-fry with king prawns and fat noodles - lush
Snack post-workout: Maximuscle Maxi-milk - Chocolate Flavour

the post-workout drink was just what the doctor ordered. I felt rather peckish after my run but didn't want to have a Promax Diet shake as it's got quite a generous serving of caffeine in it and I want to sleep well tonight.

The chocolate flavour is superb, really rich... I wonder what it would be like if it was gently heated through, like hot chocolate... hmm

Perhaps Maximuscle should consider that next, a hot recovery drink, rather like SIS(Science In Sport)'s Nocte (I saw this at a Triathlon Expo a while ago, I'm not sure if you drink it warm though).

I think it would be would be delightful! And just the ticket to calm you down and soothe you whilst repairing your muscles after all the hard work you've put in :-)

Right, on that thought, I'm off to bed. Will hopefully be up at 6am to take the bread out the machine and haul my ass to Spin, but we shall see :-)

Night x

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