Sunday 30 August 2009

Woo hoo!

This hotel has free wi-fi, result! :-)

This resort is bloody brilliant and the weather is amazing. We're right near the cable cars to take us into the mountain for trekking and mountain biking :-)

Our rooms are tres basic but clean and a good size. Plus mine and Joe's room is on the top floor on the side of the hotel so we've got wrap around balconies :-D

Can't wait for the fun to start tomorrow. We've got a meeting tonight with our rep from Alpine Elements to give us our multipass (free unlimited use of the swimming lakes and pool, cable cars, free white water rafting, maps and mountain bike hire included too! :-) ).

We can also do other things like rock climbing and via ferrata, canyonning, quad biking, waterskiing, kayaking, wakeboarding, horse riding, paint balling and even ice skating to name but a few!!

Right, will report back with more details later, plus pics as I got my camera working again, woo hoo!! (this involved the TJ Brute Strength and Ignorance approach which involved smacking it down on the edge of my bedside table... Much to Joe's disgust... Apparently they're really good expensive Muji tables, and I left a little dent... Whoops!!

Ahh well, camera works anyway ;-)

See ya later!



  1. My dad Horace was a firm believer that most problems could be solved with a hard whack. Glad it turned out to be the case for you...

  2. ha! well it's worked with my approach to parenting thus far...

    heh, kidding, but yeah, the short sharp thwack seems to do the trick

    (that or lobbing it out the window and claiming on the insurance but this involves less paperwork ;-) )