Friday 21 August 2009

Great end to the week :-)

Feeling very positive, I actually worked hard this week. Well, a lot harder than usual, met my deadline and did even more than expected!

Perhaps it's because I've been feeling more positive because of how my body is responding to the increased training, diet and supplements... Whatever it was I felt like I was able to focus better and deliver results :-)

I'm at my in-laws at the mo, they're having the boy for us while we go to V, they're such superstars, wish my own parents were even *slightly* as supportive as they are :-/

I worked through lunch to ensure I had lots to show my boss before he clocked off but then snuck into the gym before I left the building to do my last upper body session of the week. Really glad to have squeezed it in as I'd have felt really shitty over the weekend if I'd not.

Wasn't great travelling on the tube afterwards though, the session seemed to invoke a thermogenic effect for a long time after, and I was stood in a train carriage with the sweat just rolling off me!!


Got to go now, our mate has come to pick us up so we're off to Billericay, or the "Rick-ay!" (said with your best Eastenders accent) in deepest darkest Essex ;-)

Here's what I did in the gym:
Upper body workout no. 2
Dumbbells - Work gym

* Shoulder press - 9kg
3 x 10

* Biceps concentration curl - 9kg
3 x 10

* Upright Row - 9kg
3 x 10

* Bent over rear fly - 7kg
3 x 10

* Front Raise - 5kg
3 x 10

* Triceps kick-back - 7kg
3 x 10

* Lateral Raise - 5kg
3 x 10

* Side Rows - 12.5kg
3 x 10

Oh and we had a curry tonight but I'm pleased to report that I just stuck to the tandoori chicken, green veg and a minuscule quantity of plain rice... Didn't even have a taste of naan or poppadom :-)

Right, off now, V festival tomorrow, can't wait! If I don't report back beforehand I hope you all have a fab weekend!



  1. You are like a Flab Terminator!! You are like some kind of fitness machine!! Wow!!